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BusinessCool (BC) is an online magazine powered by COTRUGLI Business School. It represents a central source of business insights and information provided by the renowned business experts.

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Practical Application of Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace

  Mike George explains why a new kind of intelligence can make a difference to the way we manage work and lead others in the workplace   In an age where speed is the modern god, where many organisations are, by necessity, almost continuously renewing themselves, and where choice and flexibility rule in a healthy job ...
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You’ve Got Personality!

In the title of that famous song, ‘You’ve Got Personality’, lies a basic truth i.e. you’ve ‘got’ personality! In other words your personality is not you. It is not what you are, it’s what you’ve got. More accurately it’s what you have created.
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Being the next game changer through business model reengineering

COTRUGLI forum was held on Friday, on June 24 with COTRUGLI Professor Ken Wong who opened the forum with an explanation that all great organizations went through difficult times at some point according to his experience with Apple. As we can notice nowadays, technology is exponentially changing and what is most important, customer behavior is ...
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Five Reasons Why Performance Management Conversations Fail

New research highlights the five most common conversational pitfalls managers fall into. Every year organisations invest thousands of man-hours in the annual performance review. Feedback data is gathered, forms and performance ratings are studiously prepared; meetings are put in the diary; ratings are reviewed and normalised; bonuses and pay increases are awarded; HR systems are ...
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Snapchat – a good solution for those who seek online privacy and prefer live content publishing

This season’s last COTRUGLI forum was held yesterday, on June 14, 2016, with digital marketing company Overtime. Overtime’s cofounders Bruno Blumenschein and Marijan Palić discussed with the participants the future of social media and communications. Although there are still Internet users who are unfamiliar with social networks, some of the networks are already being regarded...
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Could the ‘SO WHAT ‘ solution work for YOU?

One way to de-anger your self when faced with your favourite irritants! It’s one of the most popular public emotions in the world today.  Almost every news story has a component of anger.  The media seems to thrive on reporting the irritations, frustrations, resentments and hatreds of others.  It seems that if you are not ...
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Digital Transformation program from June 3-4 2016

From June 3-4, 2016 COTRUGLI Business School held a 2-day program on „Digital Transformation“.  The program was designed to equip participants to confidently help conceive, lead and execute digital innovation initiatives and develop new business models for existing and insurgent organizations. Teams from over 20 companies participated in the program and received valuable inputs, tools...

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Why should companies use Snapchat?

In this article you can find out more about using Snapchat. This text is focused on sport clubs, but it is applicable on companies too. First of all, I must admit that I needed time to try and figure out how Snapchat works. I am glad I finally found time and I have to tell ...
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Megatrends: How the future can unfold?

On Friday, May 20, COTRUGLI held a Forum with professor Terence Tse, who spoke about the DRIVE Framework – five megatrends which can serve as signals for necessary changes within a company.The DRIVE framework signifies the following: Demographic and social changes Resource scarcity Inequalities Volatility, scale, and complexity Enterprising dynamics Professor has started the presentation...

Introducing the roles of Social Enterprises in SEE countries

On Friday, May 8, 2016, CBS organized an educational forum in Sofia open to the students, alumni and any other member of the local business community. The objective of the forum was to explore how social enterprise could be used to solve the current social and economic problems of the region. During this open discussion, ...
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Codes of corporate governance in emerging countries: A necessary evil or just plain unnecessary?

On Thursday, May 12 2016, Professor Teerooven Soobaroyen discussed the role and efficacy of codes of corporate governance in emerging countries with the participants of COTRUGLI Business School Forum.

DRIVE – The 5 Megatrends That Set Our Future

Our world is changing so much in terms of both speed and magnitude. “As the business landscape reforms itself quickly, CEOs have to make correct business decisions within a much shorter timeframe. At the same time, the visibility is not great as everything seems so uncertain,” the CEO of a global information services company confided ...
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“Your success in life depends largely on how well you can influence others”

On Friday, May 6 2016, Professor Mike George discussed the alternative route to a more enlightened leadership style with the participants of an educational forum at COTRUGLI Business School, suggesting that personal development is almost the same as leadership development. He pointed out that the way we structure our organizations is completely opposite to...
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The art of HR

Does the relentless focus on data mean HR risks losing sight of its artistry? ARVIND HICKMAN asks whether HR is more art than science, with the help of some exclusive research  
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The Fallacy of Measurement

In the past two decades, the number of performance indices has proliferated substantially. There are good reasons why performance indices have blossomed: they catch attention and they make information easily understandable. In this article, Terence Tse and Mark Esposito discuss the abilities of indices and glean insights into how they work by highlighting their strengths ...
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7 Shifts into a more Enlightened Leadership Style with Mike George

The Forum “7 Shifts into a more Enlightened Leadership Style” was successfully held this Friday, April 8, at COTRUGLI campuses in Belgrade Lecturer Mike George discussed an alternative route to a more enlightened way of leading. While the ‘manager’ tends to use force without realizing it, the ‘enlightened leader’ understands how and when to emerge ...
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The Future of Marketing is Here! We Bring You the Newest Global Trends

Although no one really knows what the future holds, there are certain indicators according to which we can try to predict future trends in marketing. On Friday, April 8 2016, Professor Nicolas Kfuri drew the attention of the participants of an educational Forum at COTRUGLI Business School to current and future trends in marketing. One ...


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