Personal Development module was held successfully by professor Mike George in Belgrade from April 6 til April 9, 2017.

This module’s objective was to provide students with the insights, methods and processes required to manage time effectively, understand, manage and prevent stress, build self-esteem, develop emotional intelligence and control over emotional states. 
After the hard working day, Executive MBA 8 generation had a great time with colleagues and felt the atmosphere of the Belgrade nightlife.
Master Class: “The Art of Conscious Leadership”
On Thursday, April 6, after the first day of the module, professor Mike George held the Master Class on “The Art of Conscious Leadership”. He explored how to become more conscious, deepen your awareness and become a better leader, our way. He presented 7 questions:
  1. Who am I? = Identity
  2. What am I? = Nature
  3. How do I work? = Function
  4. Where am I? = Context 
  5. How does life work? = Law
  6. Why am I here? = Purpose
  7. What happens next? = Vision
Answering to those questions is only the beginning of the process of the awakening our leadership potential.
Take a look at the photos from the event here.
Professor’s profile:
Mike is a Senior Faculty Tutor at COTRUGLI and an author of 14 books focused around the awakening of self-awareness, the development of emotional intelligence and the cultivation of conscious leadership.