We tend to make at least one of three mistakes in our relationship with destiny.  For most people destiny is a mysterious and often mystical notion, which can consume too much thinking time.  While many consult astrologers and clairvoyants for hints of their pending fate, others gaze into crystal balls or turn a deck of cards with the most bizarre images hoping for a glimpse of what may come.

Some speculate on the configuration of the lines on their palms while others will read their future fortune from leaves at the bottom of their tea cup. This fascination with fate only strengthens the illusion that our destiny is in the hands of others and shaped by random events and unseen forces. This is the first mistake.

The second mistake is to think that our destiny is an ‘external condition’ defined by a place, position and/or possessions.  “Where will I be, what will I have, how will I be known”, are all questions that flit frequently through the mind of so many of destiny’s children!  But it’s just speculation at a material level and your destiny is much deeper than that.

The third mistake is the projection of our destiny into some future moment when we will literally arrive on some fateful day at our ‘destination’ in life.  It’s as if we define our destiny as one moment in clock time and only that moment.  We forget that time never stands still, nothing in life is fixed and that fluidity is not something you drink!

These three errors of understanding only serve to make us feel like victims of circumstance, dependent on others and enslaved to what we desire to acquire.  They ensure we remain absent from our life ‘now’ as our imagination prefers to be busy speculating about some distant future.

Correcting such mistakes is simple in theory but requires we break the mental habits of lifetime.  Your destiny is not an outer condition but an inner state of being.  Undoubtedly the outer will reflect the inner, but your inner state is entirely a personal responsibility.  It’s always in your own hands, metaphorically speaking.  No one and nothing else makes your personal choices, no one else does your thinking and feeling, even in the face of extreme circumstances.  That means your destiny is not some distant achievement, it is not a cruel fate made by uncontrollable events, it is being created by you in this and every moment …now!   What is your state now, what do you feel now, what are you thinking now, what is your attitude right now?   How are you creating your self right now?

Destiny is now!

When understood in this light you will begin to see the true meaning of that frequently used aphorism ‘the journey is the destination’.  Life is a journey but that journey is made internally moment-by-moment as you create your state of being.   But you won’t be capable of being that consciously creative if you are always speculating and projecting your imagination and desires, somewhat hopefully, into possible futures.

Perhaps this is the greatest mistake of the ‘if you know what you want you have to see your self having it and then want it bad enough’ philosophies.  It only sets up the mental habit of desiring greener grass on the other side of the next hill, and the next hill, and the next hill etc.  Always desiring something better simply creates a discontentment with what is happening now.  This then becomes a habit so that even when we do get what we think we want, the discontentment doesn’t take long to kick in.  It then sets itself up in our consciousness as a vicious cycle in which we become unconsciously trapped.

Why do you want what you want, why are you trying to see your future on your palm, in your teacup or with the turn of a card?  Because you just want to ‘have’ what you believe makes you happy, to be ‘where’ you might be happy, to be in a ‘position’ that seems to deliver your happiness.  But happiness cannot be sought, acquired and possessed.  Pleasure yes, happiness no. The deepest happiness is a state of contentment from which arises a quiet joyfulness in a response to a self created perception of the beauty of life itself.  This can only be created, felt and expressed from within our own hearts.  When it is, then the last question that comes to mind is, “I wonder what will be my destiny, my fate”?

The gift of life is the gift of being able to create your ‘life journey’.  Not only are you on a creative journey but every moment is also an arrival.  Only when you fully accept and understand this gift, which means understanding your self, will you use it in the right way and then create and shape your destiny as a state of being in this and every moment.

One of the greatest paradoxes occurs when you are fully present in the moment, accepting whatever is in front of you and consciously creating the appropriate state of being.  It’s in such moments that you intuitively come to see and know what lies up ahead.  Then it’s neither a desire nor a goal but simply a state of ‘knowings’ about what will inevitably unfold within you and around you.

The moment you choose to accept everyone and everything as it is and be content with the way the things are right now, inside and outside, only then can your journey truly begin.  But don’t tell that to a perfectionist or anyone obsessed with continuous improvement or indeed anyone who is trying to change the world.  You will ‘likely’ get a glazed look in reply.

That’s not to say you just sit there and ‘do’ nothing.  It is simply a reminder that if you create that state of consciousness, sometimes known as ‘present moment awareness’, people and circumstances will naturally show up to give the opportunity to give of your self in the highest and best possible ways.  As you do you are creating your own unique destiny, which is no longer a ‘speculation’, while making an invisible but priceless contribution to the destiny of others.

Scratch the surface of someone’s desire for a great future, even in the form of a noble destiny, and you will often find someone trying to create a distinguished past.  Meanwhile life, which is only ever occurring in the present, is passing them by.

Question:  What percentage of your mental time is spent speculating about and/or hoping for a better future?

Reflection:  What is the difference between fate and destiny?

Action:  Consciously practice being in the moment, accepting situations and people as they are, in present… now… today.

Source: Mike George