Executive MBA 10 generation attended their sixth module Operations Management in Belgrade last weekend, delivered by Professor Giovanni Scarso Borioli.

Through this module students developed a deeper appreciation of Operations Management concepts and frameworks.

The module was structured around the five main themes:

  • Direct – Matching operations and processes to business strategy
  • Design – Shaping processes to deliver goods and services
  • Analyze – Understand current process performance
  • Deliver – Planning and controlling ongoing operations
  • Develop – Improving process capabilities

Professor Giovanni is a full-time lecturer at ESCP Europe Business School, London Campus. He is the Academic Director of the Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation (EMMA), and he teaches Operations and Supply Chain Management, Corporate Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Bachelor, Master, and Executive levels. Giovanni hold a Master of Science in Engineering, a General Management Programme from ESCP Europe and a PhD from University College of London. Giovanni’s area of research is the design and management of planned, large-scale corporate transformation programes.

Professor Giovanni provided a great number of real life examples which helped students to understand the lecture, and to prepare themselves to implement knowledge immediately. Students were participating in highly interactive and dynamic lecture, working in teams.