Executive MBA 10 generation attended their ninth module Strategic Management in Belgrade, delivered by Professor Gianpaolo Odarda.

Professor Gianpaolo Odarda is a M&A and Business Development Director at Ferrero International, Business Strategy Director (member of the CEO staff) and Head of Business Improvement & Organization Development for the Extra European Markets. He is doing consulting: main in Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Organization with focus on FMCG.

The purpose of this module was to prepare the participants for the strategic problems they will face in their own organizations as managers or executives. With a teaching method based on the use of specific cases, tools and concepts, participants have acquired the necessary skills to make a strategic evaluation of a company, based on the industry competitive dynamics as well as the resources and capabilities of the company.

Participants enjoyed this module, because it was very inspiring, interesting and knowledgeable. Ball game, real life examples and numerous activities done in teams created positive atmosphere with a lot of mutual learning.