COTRUGLI Business School is proud to host the World Congress of Entrepreneurs 2018 on Thursday, December 6, 2018. World Congress of Entrepreneurs brings together more than 50 speakers and a few hundreds of attendees – active and innovative participants, dedicated to creation of new values, deepening economic and other ties, facing a secure future in freedom.

The “World Congress of Entrepreneurs 2018” will consist of a series of complementary activities of congress, professional, educational and exhibition character and follow-up activities (B2B meetings, trips …).  Congress will simultaneously deal with: (a) identifying and presenting obstacles and measures the development of an enterprise, (b) the promotion of successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial practices, projects and products, (c) global problems of today (war, poverty, terrorism, endangering the planet) which directly and strongly influence the global development of the economy and entrepreneurship or their uneven economy and entrepreneurship pathogens.

This year, the Congress will also include several panel sessions about the impact of global problems of today on the development of entrepreneurship, as well as the possible effects of entrepreneurship on these problems. At the same time, it will stimulate the discussion about the specifics of the possible development of enterprises by branches of the economy and interest / business functions that are common to the entire enterprise.

 The 3rd panel discussion on topic “Investing in people and security – a prerequisite for success and progress” will be held at the COTRUGLI Business School.

Panelists : Biljana Cerin (Croatia / United Kingdom) Cyber ​​Security Specialist, Member of the Board of Directors at ISC Association; Robert Kopal, Ph.D.(Croatia), Specialist for Security, State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia; Gabrijela Grujić, Ph.D.(Serbia), Assistant Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and Efka Heder (Croatia), Director of the Center for Learning for Entrepreneurship in Central and South Eastern Europe (SEECEL).

Participants will be welcomed by the Vice Chairman of the World Congress of Entrepreneurs Organizing Committee, Mr. Nijaz Skenderagić, Business Policy and Strategy Adviser for Development of ATACO Company (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and a representative of the Zagreb Tourist Board.

All discussions will result in the adoption of the Declaration of Entrepreneurship in Global Development that will be a fundamental document for the future work of the body of the Congress, the participants of the Congress and all businesses with long-term goals.