Saturday, December 8, was a very special day for Executive MBA 14, MBA 8, Chief Executive MBA and Online MBA students. In the presence of many family members and friends, they received their well-deserved degrees. The graduation ceremony was organized in Zagreb in the Aula Magna at Catholic University of Croatia.

Maja Ciglenečki was a moderator of the ceremony. She welcomed guests and opened the event. Professor Jyoti Gupta, the Dean, congratulated all the graduates for successfully completing all the MBA requirements and also emphasized in his speech on the importance of lifelong learning. Afterwards, Petra Kosić, Senior Executive Program Supervisor, together with the Dean awarded the graduates with MBA degree and congratulated them on the achieved results.

All of the students worked hard during the program, but some of them have shown exceptional commitment and academic achievement. Valedictorians of the EMBA 14 generation are Hrvoje Špalj and Subeije Kalo. MBA 8 generation has also two valedictorians: Vice Buljanović and Jelena Flego.

Congratulations to all graduates! We wish you to use your new skills, knowledge and a way of thinking to achieve business success and personal satisfaction.


After the graduation ceremony, the good mood continued with Alumni Party where we hosted all of our graduates and Alumni. The party took place at the Book Café in Zagreb. We have enjoyed the party and would like to thank all guests for creating an excellent atmosphere!