The previous weekend in Zagreb Executive MBA 15 generation attended the Sales Management module delivered by professor Primož Hvala.

During this 3 days long module participants learned key principles of sales management and gained deeper understanding of some crucial sales concepts. Through the course, the sales management topics were connected with marketing, human resources management and business strategy which showed the interdependence between different business functions and benefits that sales can get from internal cooperation. At the end of the module, participants discovered how to evaluate and how to improve sales management in their own companies or how to better work with sales department if they are not sales managers.

Highlight of the Sales Management module was revealing importance of managing sales force, which means managing people, for success in sale. Professor stressed out also importance of inspiration, motivation, setting examples, helping solving problems, controlling efficiency of sales force and sales activities, key account management, developing right strategy and organizational systems. Module started with discussion about the connection between sales and marathon, while on the second day of this module students discovered the connection between sales and dead fish.

Professor Primož Hvala has started in Marketing, moved to Sales and upgrade both with HR experience and knowledge. He worked for clients from Finance & Insurance industry, FMCG, Automotive industry, public sector… Primož is a founder and partner of Human & Sales Consulting, Sales Management professor at COTRUGLI MBA & EMBA programs and Sales expert at Linea Directa. His expertise is evaluation and development of individual’s management or sales potential, organizational climate, sales management audit, KAM, consultative selling, sales planning, managing and motivating sales force, brand, sales performance and processes, rewording systems, marketing management, performance and talent management, leadership.