Alumni Association

By joining a team of highly motivated leaders, you will boost up your present business. Besides expanding your contacts during the modules, you will also network with top executives in the relaxed and stress-free environment, during numerous extracurricular events and activities.

COTRUGLI network interrelates and expands through the formation of companionship with highly successful managers and leaders. The power of alliance and life-long friendship with highly influential individuals for most of our participants represents a return of invested time and money even before the educational program is completed.

COTRUGLI Alumni Association consists of six Alumni Clubs, each one representing a country in the SE Europe where COTRUGLI operates. Each club has its own President and Ambassadors from different generations. They are chosen by their colleagues to help members of the Alumni community stay connected.

COTRUGLI Business School has developed a special network for its Alumni and students – The Alumni Portal – which enables the members to exchange information and contacts at any time.

In order to facilitate networking, Alumni Association organizes many different events and gatherings for the Alumni community.

Formal events include forums, presentations and round-table discussions. The most famous event of this kind is COTRUGLI Days, traditionally held every year at a different location in the region, which brings together the whole Alumni community, students, partners and friends of the school.

Informal events include dinners, traditional monthly gatherings and other events organized for students after each module, such as sports activities and various informal gatherings.