MBA Module Strategic Management in Sofia

MBA Module Strategic Management in Sofia

MBA 9 generation attended their tenth module Strategic Management in Sofia, delivered by Professor Manuel Alonso Coto.

Professor Manuel Alonso Coto has PhD in Economics from King Juan Carlos University. He is coming from Madrid and he finished Executive MBA at IE Business School. Now he is the Director of Innovation for Digital Transformation & Marketing at IE Business School where he is teaching. He is also Board’s External Advisor for Greater Than One, Europe and Diana Media Group, who are in the top 5 digital advertising agencies in US.

The purpose of this module was to prepare the participants for the strategic problems they will face in their own organizations as managers or executives. With a teaching method based on the use of specific cases, tools and concepts, participants have acquired the necessary skills to make a strategic evaluation of a company, based on the industry competitive dynamics as well as the resources and capabilities of the company. This module helped the participants to find answers to fundamental questions like what a strategy is but, more important, what constitutes a good strategy.

Participants enjoyed this module because it was very inspiring, interesting and knowledgeable. Real Madrid Case, real life examples and numerous activities done in teams created positive atmosphere with a lot of mutual learning.


MBA module Project Management in Belgrade

MBA module Project Management in Belgrade

MBA 9 generation completed their Project Management module with professor Stephen Simister. It was their first module in Belgrade from the beginning of their studies, and they were excited to get the appropriate knowledge and skills to understand and apply Project Management strategically within their organization.

The purpose of this module was to give a systematic understanding and critical awareness of the current issues related to project management within organizations and how project related processes and systems are managed in context. Project Management module recognized interfaces within the organization such as operations management, change management and integration with existing business processes. Also, it recognized the approaches that project management provides to manage novel activity effectively and efficiently to bring beneficial outcomes to stakeholders.

Professor Steve is a consultant and lecturer in project, program and portfolio management.He has a portfolio career as a Director of his own consultancy organization (Oxford Management & Research Ltd) and also heads up the Project &Program management unit at Henley Business School (UK). His specialism is in assisting clients such as BP, Network Rail and Pfizer to deliver project requirements to meet their business needs. More specifically Stephen facilitates organizations endeavors to align and integrate project activities into business operations. He has experience of most business sectors and has been involved in all stages of project life cycles. Steve is Gateway reviewer with Local Partnerships and has led over 100 Gateway reviews, many on PFI projects. At Henley, Steve has provided a series of workshops enabling clients to design and implement their change programs in a more effective manner.

Business 360 and Entrepreneurship modules within the 8th COTRUGLI Days!

Business 360 and Entrepreneurship modules within the 8th COTRUGLI Days!

The traditional 8th COTRUGLI Days started today and will last until Saturday, October 13.

Within this annual COTRUGLI event, EMBA ZG 14, EMBA 9 Belgrade & MBA 8 generations are attending the Business 360 module, while EMBA ZG 15, EMBA 10 Belgrade & MBA 9 generations are participating at the Entrepreneurship module with professor Davide Sola. 

Business 360 module is delivered by professors Terence Tse, PhD, Danny Goh and Mark Esposito.

This module places emphasis on multiple perspectives of business and society. More specifically, it focuses on how frontier technologies are changing the business landscapes and vice versa. On successful completion of this module, students will be able to understand the developments of the latest frontier technologies, develop an understanding of the impact and implications of new technologies in economies, societies and businesses and consider how new technologies will reshape specific industries.

Entrepreneurship module is delivered by Professor Davide Sola, PhD.

During this module, students will develop skills for evaluating, articulating, refining and pitching a new product or service offering, either as a start-up business or a new initiative within an existing firm. At the end of this module, students will be able to understand and distinguish an “opportunity” from an Idea, have the ability to create successful Value Propositions that responds to real “vivid” needs of a customer segment and have creative confidence that will help them to respond with creativity to the many challenges that entrepreneurs need to face.

Shortly about the lecturers:

Terence Tse, PhD is Associate Professor of Finance at ESCP Europe Business School and visiting professor at COTRUGLI. Terence obtained his PhD in Management Studies from the Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK. As an independent consultant, Terence advised Shell International, F&C Asset Management, Alliance Boots, Alitalia as well as a Cambridge University-based biotech start-up.

Dr. Mark Esposito teaches Business, Government & Society & Economic Strategy and Competitiveness for Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education and serves as Institutes Council Co-Leader, at the Microeconomics of Competitiveness program (MOC) at the Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness, at Harvard Business School.

Danny Goh is a serial entrepreneur and an early stage investor. He is the partner and Commercial Director of Nexus Frontier Tech, an AI advisory business with presence in London, Geneva, Boston and Tokyo to assist CEO and board members of different organizations to build innovative businesses taking full advantage of artificial intelligence technology.

Davide Sola is Associate Professor of Strategy, former Director of ESCP Europe London campus and Visiting Professor at COTRUGLI Business School. He earned his doctorate in Enterprise Economics from the University of Torino with a thesis on ” – Organizational transformation”. Dr. Sola’s research interests are in corporate transformation, strategic renewal, entrepreneurship and applied enterprise economics.

Welcome to the 8th COTRUGLI Days!

Welcome to the 8th COTRUGLI Days!

Our traditional 8th COTRUGLI Days have just started! All of our current students gathered in the peaceful town of Umag and are excited to both gain new knowledge and meet their colleagues!

Currently, EMBA ZG 14, EMBA BG 9 & MBA 8 generations are attending their Business 360 module with professors Terence Tse, Danny Goh and Mark Esposito, while EMBA ZG 15, EMBA BG 10 & MBA 9 generations are participating at their Entrepreneurship module with professor Davide Sola. 

We are wishing a warm welcome to all of the attendees and also inviting our alumni and guests to join us on Friday and Saturday for the Business 4.x & Future of HR conference!

Don’t forget to share your experience with us: #COTRUGLIdays



Experience E/MBA – Share with your friends!

Experience E/MBA – Share with your friends!

Since you are on your way or already have completed the program, you know that an ideal candidate includes an ambitious individual aware that investment in knowledge and quality networking are necessary for career development.

So, if you know someone who is entrepreneurial, has leadership potential and meets application requirements, feel free to share this link with them so they don’t miss opportunity to Experience E/MBA!


  • Date: September 21-23, 2018
  • Lecturer: Manuel Alonso Coto, PhD
  • Topic: The role of blockchain in digital transformation
  • Location: COTRUGLI Business School, Zagreb
  • Application deadline: September 13, 2018