Chief Executive MBA Learning process

Personally Designed Curriculum
Prior to the program, participants will assess their current trajectory and business priorities, as well as their management styles. Subsequent classroom and group work will be devoted to assessing the breakthrough potential of these priorities and developing approaches to make the breakthrough possible.

Two dimensions are emphasized: strategic and leadership improvement. These come together in each participant’s personal agenda and action plan.

COTRUGLI assists participants in developing a tailor-made curriculum, which includes modules from COTRUGLI EMBA program, and optional courses which allow them to focus on specific topics of interest.

Modules are intensive but enjoyable with dynamic interactions among lecturers and participants.

The format of EMBA modules depends on the subject matter covered but will, in general, provide opportunities for some or all of the following:

• To explore important concepts and their practical application
• To discuss and evaluate key issues and differing viewpoints
• To draw out and build on the relevant experience of participants
• To participate in teamwork activities – tasks and assignments typically in groups of 4-5 individuals
• To build mutual support, commitment and networks among participants

Advanced Management Program
The objective of this part of the program is to further develop the conceptual knowledge and analytical skills essential for solving complex managerial problems and situations.

Executive Counseling
COTRUGLI will assist executives in work related issues through a discreet and highly effective counseling process.

Individual Project
The individual project is an important learning vehicle in the CEMBA program and can be offered as a significant and real ‘pay back’ to participants organization. This gives participants the opportunity to work individually on a project, to analyze and resolve complex business problems using newly acquired business skills, frameworks, and tools.

The purpose of the individual project is twofold:

• To apply theory learned in the program to real-life business situations and challenges
• To encourage integration of concepts across modules and disciplines