A great opportunity to test the leading E/MBA program that was completed by over 2,000 managers across the region and learn more about blockchain, a revolutionary new technology with huge impact on businesses.


Extend your business network and shape your career

Experience the unforgettable E/MBA journey

Learn from renowned lecturers

Ensure a 10% enrolment benefit

Today, business people search for quality and applicability in education, with an emphasis on rapid return on investment.

The goal of the MBA program is to transform managers into leaders with up-to-date knowledge, networking and understanding of business on a global level. 

5 reasons to participate in the Experience E/MBA:

1. Discover why COTRUGLI Business School is the no.1 choice for Managers that want to take one step further in their career

2. Experience leading regional MBA program in a 2-day lecture by prof. Manuel Alonso Coto and many blockchain experts

3. Learn about how Blockchain transforms businesses across the globe

4. 10% enrolment advantage for COTRUGLI MBA programs, including MBA, Executive MBA and Blockchain MBA

5. Take active part in TOLAR Hackaton, powered by the one of the biggest and most successful crowdfunding project in the region – TOLAR.

Date: September 21-23, 2018

Lecturer: Manuel Alonso Coto, PhD

Topic: The role of Blockchain in Digital Transformation

Location: Zagreb, COTRUGLI Business School

Application deadline: September 13, 2018

Participants’ impressions of Experience E/MBA program:

“Participating in the Experience E/MBA program definitely empowered me to enroll the program as soon as possible. Today, after completing the EMBA program, I am confident that my contribution to the company has significantly increased. The diversity in team work with interesting and often inspiring individuals has strengthened my ability to adapt quickly and creatively, which is especially important in the context of the constant deficit of available time and the pressure of everyday work and other obligations.”

MIROSLAV BOŽIĆ, Executive Board Advisor, Viro Group

“Experience program gave me the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the E/MBA program. Apart from the top lecturers that discuss current topics, I could feel the interaction among the group, the exchange of ideas and experiences with other participants that come from different industries. This program has enriched me.”

JASMINKA ROJKO, Head for large corporate and international, Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.

“I decided to apply for the COTRUGLI Experience program in order to get insights into the lectures. After feeling that energy, there wasn’t any doubt that I want to enroll the Executive MBA program. Excellent professors, challenging modules and a lot of interesting classmates from different industries were an invitation to join. Executive MBA program fulfilled all of my expectations.”


Take active part in TOLAR Hackaton

powered by the one of the biggest and most successful crowdfunding project in the region – TOLAR

COTRUGLI has recognized the potential of blockchain technologies among the first in the region of SE Europe and gave full support to TOLAR project, which is based on HashNET — a revolutionary technology beyond blockchain.  As the strategic partner of the project that could dramatically impact the global business, COTRUGLI continues to provide professional guidance of its prominent business experts, consultants and MBA graduates along with contributing in making the most of this fascinating technology.


Biography: Manuel Alonso Coto, Ph.D.

Professor Manuel Alonso Coto, Ph.D. is visiting professor at COTRUGLI Business School and a Director of Innovation, Digital Transformation & Marketing, Executive Education at IE Business School. Manuel’s path to consultancy and teaching in the fields of marketing and advertising began with technology management but it was when taking his Executive MBA at IE Business School that he discovered his interest in Marketing. After graduating he combined this new vocation with his old passion for technology.

He currently works as Academic Counselor for Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Spain and Board’s External Advisor for Greater Than One, Europe and Diana Media Group (fifth digital advertising agency in US), and is also a partner at Ideas in a Jar, Digital Business Consultancy Boutique.

Manuel Alonso Coto has received PhD in Economics at King Juan Carlos University, graduated Executive MBA at IE Business School and Master in Foreign Trade at EOI Business School. He also completed the Postgrad in Business Administration (with a focus on Finance) and Postgrad in Psychology (with a focus on Advertising) at UNED University.

Professor Alonso has written 12 books related to the topics of Digital Operations, Recruitment & Self Branding, Political & Direct Marketing, Social Media Marketing Plan etc.

Topic: The role of Blockchain in Digital Transformation

In the upcoming program participants will discover key aspects of digital transformation with a special focus on Blockchain.

Blockchain is the fastest-growing digital technology since the evolution of internet. For the last few years it is starting to change the face of business across the world. Come, join the program and discover why!

Application process

In order to secure a spot for top quality participants and ensure the best networking opportunities, all applicants need to go through a selection process.

After we receive your application, you will be invited for a Skype interview.

Basic conditions for applying:

  • For Executive MBA program: minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience / For International MBA program: minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience
  • University degree
  • Solid knowledge of English

Applications are open until September 13, 2018. However, we encourage you to apply early in order to have enough time to complete the selection process.

The Experience program is intended for all candidates who are interested in enroling E/MBA. All participants will secure a 10% enrolment benefit for the generation that starts in February 2019.

Standard tuition fee for the EMBA program and Blockchain EMBA program for managers is 18,000 EUR + VAT  / Standard tuition fee for the International MBA and Certified Blockchain Developers program is 10,000 EUR + VAT.


Fee for individuals: 1.000 EUR+VAT (in case of enrolment to the COTRUGLI MBA program, the fee will be returned to the participant)

Fee for companies: 3.000 EUR+VAT (in case of 5 individuals from the same company)

Enrolment incentive: 10% discount for COTRUGLI MBA Programs