What is MBA?

MBA program (Master of Business Administration) is a leading standard for business education around the world. The program is essential for anyone who understands the value of lifetime investment in professional and personal development.
Are you a good Executive MBA candidate?

Work Experience

MBA program greatly depends on the experience of students enrolled in the program and thus, the employment history plays an important factor in the admission process. Whatever your previous employment was, a record of significant achievement is a good indicator of your ability to succeed in the MBA program.

Current Employment

MBA students who hold a position that allows them to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom will benefit most during the program. This is likely to be a management position.

Career Goals

It is important to align your career goals with the knowledge and skills you will develop during the MBA programs in order to make the most of your investment.

Motivation and Temperament

MBA students possess energy, drive and ambition that separate them from the rest. They take-charge and are eager to share their leadership skills in study groups and team projects.

Who is the program designed for?

Work experience and student diversity play an important role in accredited MBA programs. Participants come from different industries and have a minimum 5 years of relevant work experience in Executive MBA generations. COTRUGLI EMBA programs are structured into weekend modules, offering full flexibility to participants in regards to their professional and personal lives. The modular approach enables participants to align work and program obligations, as well as to immediately apply acquired knowledge.
Are you a good MBA candidate?

Career Goals

It is important to align your career goals with the knowledge and skills you will develop during the MBA programs in order to make the most of your investment.

Motivation and Temperament

MBA students possess energy, drive and ambition that separate them from the rest. They take-charge and are eager to share their leadership skills in study groups and team projects.
Key benefits of COTRUGLI Business School
Business people look for quality and applicability of the program with a special emphasis on immediate return on investment. MBA program will develop you to a manager. Executive MBA program transforms you from a manager to a leader. Participants are equipped with new knowledge, network and understanding of business on a global level.

Renowned faculty

COTRUGLI lecturers have significant experience in working with global and regional companies on the highest level. They are reputable experts who come for distinguished business schools and consultancy companies.

Flexible program

COTRUGLI program requires minimal absence from work and brings the highest return on investment. Based on case study methodology, COTRUGLI MBA programs are part-time programs, which allow you to continue working and immediately apply the knowledge gained in class.

Top participants

Our participants contribute to high class networking opportunities.The structure of students in relation to their job position suggests that more than 70% of participants hold managerial positions in the region, either as directors, managers or entrepreneurs.

Professional transformation

If you are an experienced manager with concrete knowledge in specific field/industry and you want to start your own business, COTRUGLI MBA program will provide you with the necessary support in starting and developing your business project. At the same time, the innovation and the possibility to turn your ideas into a successful business project is always valued by corporations. Many of our Alumni members become successful innovators and leaders within their corporations.
Alumni Association- The value of networking
"Make sure the school is well connected to local and international companies and find out for which companies in the region Alumni members work.“ Association of MBA’s
By joining a team of highly motivated leaders, you will further develop your current business. Besides expanding your contacts during the modules, you will also network with top executives in the relaxed and stress free environment, during numerous extra curriculum events and activities organized by COTRUGLI. COTRUGLI network interrelates and expands through the formation of companionship with highly successful managers and leaders. The power of alliance and life-long friendship with highly influential individuals, for most of our participants, represents a return of invested time and money even before the educational program is completed.
Why employers value MBA?
MBA certifies that one has acquired managerial competencies that are essential in every contemporary corporation. Investing in an internationally accredited MBA program gives you a competitive advantage and ensures a better position in the labor market. “Employers looking to acquire the best managers and future business leaders know that graduates of accredited programmes have received the highest quality and most relevant management education. To recruit a graduate from one of accredited programmes is to recruit top talent.” Association of MBA’s
Study methodology
The essential value of MBA program is the applicability of acquired knowledge to business challenges and opportunities. Using the case-study methodology developed by Harvard, students are encouraged to work on specific case studies from all over the world and to compare them with the local markets. This way they draw conclusions for their businesses and are able to apply them next day at work.

MBA modules are structured as intensive, but at the same time enjoyable interactions with the lecturers and colleagues. In general, modules provide the following:

• Delivery of immediately applicable business concepts
• Exploration of key issues and differing viewpoints
• Expansion and structuring of relevant experiences
• Teamwork assignments – distributed among groups of 5 to 6 individuals
• Establishment of new networks

Project based approach

The individual project is an important learning vehicle in COTRUGLI MBA programs and represents a significant and genuine ‘return on investment’ to the participants' organizations. Our project-based approach carefully balances reflection with action, focused brainstorming with efficient decision making, and idea sharing with collective on-the-job implementation. We equip participants with the tools to evaluate and implement the solutions they have elaborated to meet organizational priorities. This provides the real impact for participants' organizations – one reaching well beyond the learning in the program.
How to choose a business school?
Ask yourself the following questions:

What kind of knowledge do you need?
What kind of experience do you need?
What kind of people would you like to meet?
What resources are you ready to invest?
Does the school have an international accreditation?

When choosing a business school, it is important to look at the applicability of the knowledge, functional areas covered by the program and the quality of networking. The quality of lecturers’ references is very important as well. To ensure a continuous transfer of up-to-date and practical knowledge, rather than theoretical, lecturers need to have real work experience in global corporations, individual businesses or consulting. A very important factor in the selection process is the official recognition of program’s quality, which can be validated through a relevant accreditation. The largest benefit of the accredited MBA program is the international recognition. As your MBA diploma is recognized around the world, you can apply for a managerial or executive position or even pursue your Doctor’s degree at any of the reputable business schools.

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