What is an MBA?
MBA or Master of Business Administration is designed for young and perspective talents, with 5 years average of relevant work experience. The class schedule is formatted to allow students to continue working while they pursue their studies. In fact, the expectation is that they will become employed or remain employed in a position that allows them to apply what they are learning while completing the program. Direct personal interaction in the classroom and in study groups is considered critical to the learning experience.
Who are MBA participants?
MBA candidates are high potential talents and forward-looking entrepreneurs, fluent in English who share an ambition to make a difference. Average age of the participants is 29. Economic background is not mandatory; our participants come from different professional backgrounds; from engineers and doctors to consultants and bankers.
What qualities does an MBA candidate have?
Career Goals.
It is important to align your career goals with the knowledge and skills you will develop during the MBA program in order to make the most of your investment.

Motivation and Temperament.
MBA students possess energy, drive and ambition that separate them from the rest. They take-charge and are eager to share their leadership skills in study groups and team projects.
What is the duration of the MBA program?
This part-time program takes 22 months to complete. Modules take place over 10 separate weeks in several European locations.
How can I fit this program into my busy schedule?
COTRUGLI MBA program is designed to make it possible to remain productive and perform your job duties on a high level. We have created a schedule that, on average, takes only 5 days a month off from your work. All participants receive a schedule one year ahead so that they can plan their activities. Projects and other assignments may be assigned to study groups where the group can divide responsibilities and delegate tasks to individual members. Nevertheless, MBA program will demand a significant amount of time and effort from each student. Many report that the experience forces them to become highly efficient in managing their time, and that this is indeed an important skill they develop during the program.
How are the modules organized?
The modules take place from 9 am to 7 pm, and are divided into several sessions. After each interactive lecture held by a faculty member, participants work on projects in small teams where they compare the presented best-practice with the practice they apply at work. Questions and discussions are raised, exchanging ideas and challenging the perspectives begins!
How are the exams organized?
Performance in majority of courses is assessed by individual exams. Exams may take the form of either in-class exams, essay exams, projects and case studies. Before, after, and during the module, together with your fellow teammates you solve real-life cases to meet your exam requirements.
How can I take advantage of networking?
By joining a team of highly motivated talents, you will further develop your future or present business. Besides expanding your contacts during the modules, you will also network with top executives in the relaxed and stress free environment, during numerous extra curriculum events and activities organized by COTRUGLI. COTRUGLI Alumni Association consists of six Alumni Clubs, each one representing a country in the SE Europe where COTRUGLI operates. Each club has its own President and Ambassadors from different generations. They are chosen by their colleagues to help members of the Alumni community stay connected. COTRUGLI Business School has developed a special network for its Alumni and students – The Alumni Portal – which enables the members to exchange information and contacts at any time. In order to facilitate networking, Alumni Association organizes many different events and gatherings for the Alumni community. Formal events include forums, presentations and round-table discussions. The most famous event of this kind is COTRUGLI Days, traditionally held every year at a different location in the region and which brings together the whole Alumni community, students, partners and friends of the school. Informal events include dinners, traditional monthly gatherings and other events organized for students after each module, such as sports activities and various informal gatherings.
What does it mean to be AMBA accredited?
COTRUGLI has joined the group of world’s best business schools accredited by AMBA, independent association providing independent proof of quality and excellence for MBA programs. COTRUGLI has been awarded the AMBA accreditation and became the only business school in Croatia to receive such accreditation for MBA programs.

AMBA accreditation represents the highest standard in postgraduate business education and is earned only by the best programs. The largest benefit of the accredited MBA programs is international recognition. As your MBA diploma is recognized around the world, you can apply for a managerial or executive position in any country and even pursue your Doctor’s degree in any of the reputable business schools.

“Accreditation gives business schools international credibility and status. The number of MBA qualifications available worldwide is now in the thousands, but only a small percentage of these would achieve accreditation if they were submitted to our rigorous international criteria. Accreditation by the Association of MBAs identifies programmes as the best there is.Employers looking to acquire the best managers and future business leaders know that graduates of our accredited programmes have received the highest quality and most relevant management education. To recruit a graduate from one of our accredited programmes is to recruit top talent.” Association of MBA’s

For almost 50 years, AMBA’s aim has been to raise the profile of business education and MBA qualification, and most importantly, to protect the MBA participants. AMBA currently accredits programs at over 200 business schools in more than 70 different countries. Some of these include business schools with highest world rankings such as: IMD (Switzerland), IESE (Spain), London Business School (United Kingdom) and SDA Bocconi (Italy). In order to receive the AMBA accreditation, programs must satisfy the highest standards and reflect changing trends and innovation in postgraduate management education. The biggest accent is on the program’s quality. However, other criteria must be satisfied as well.
How much will it cost?
TUITION FEE is € 10.000 + VAT
The price includes tuition, teaching materials, coffee and snacks at COTRUGLI. Travel / lodging expenses and additional literature are not included. It is possible to suggest the payment dynamics by your own terms. However, the first installment has to be paid before the first module, and the last installment before the last module. Also, loans are available in regional banks.
How do I apply?
MBA admissions staff makes a concerted effort to advise prospective students and help them “self-select” before they apply for the program. Given that the programs will require a significant commitment of time and money, not only from you but from your employer, it makes sense for program staff to help you assess whether or not you are prepared for the program and if you can expect to benefit from it at this point in your career. In evaluating candidates, admissions committees considers many factors, most of which have been mentioned already: work experience, current employment, prior education, ability to benefit and ability to contribute. If you are an exceptional candidate with university degree, fluent in English, and share an ambition to make a difference, schedule a one-to-one meeting with COTRUGLI representative. There is no single formula for a successful candidate. You will be the core actor of the MBA program and the value delivered will greatly depend on your virtues. Therefore, we prefer the individual approach to learn your strengths, achievements and scan your potential. If you feel you have all the information needed and wish to apply directly, please fill the application form.You can also book one to one meeting with a COTRUGLI representative and learn more about our programs.