Sales Excellence 2025

Holiday hotel Sarajevo, September 14, 6pm



How do some companies excel in sales? What drives their success regardless of sector, size or economic conditions?
Do their stories offer insights that can help replicate their success?

Is Sales Excellence a function of strategy, process, structure or people? One of these? Some of these? All of these?
Or is it something more?

What drives sales excellence across organizations irrespective of size, industry, geography and economic conditions?


Primož Hvala
Profesor of Sales Management

COTRUGLI Business School



Hajro Rovčanin
Executive Director

Holiday hotel Sarajevo

Damir Maglajlić
Veterinary Department Manager

Phoenix Pharma

Srđan Šuput

Wiener Osiguranje

Mirza Ustamujić
President of the Management Board

Payten, Member of Asseco Group