by our ALUMNI

COTRUGLI Executive program boosted my professional career, sharped my skills, increased my entrepreneur’s confidence and totally changed my mindset. But the most important, I became a proud member of huge COTRUGLI family.

Hrvoje Merki

General Manager, EURCO INC.

For every learned lesson and for every colleague that I met, a new horizon in my business and personal life I got.

Dejan Koleška

Country Manager, Scania BH

COTRUGLI Business School is a place where you won’t only get knowledge of actual best business practice, but you can also learn the best ways how to implement them while working in a team. As teams are made of professionals from different countries and industries it makes this a unique experience which really helps in accelerating your career.

COTRUGLI Business School experience is a great blend of obtaining new business knowledge, interaction with professors and class colleagues. It is great to see how much passion is shared on every project.

Marko Živanović

International C&B EMEA, Nutanix

COTRUGLI is the right choice for a busy professional who is curious and strives for personal development. The specific benefit of COTRUGLI is the opportunity to explore the regional specifics of Balkans in terms of business, culture and people.

Some of the greatest professors I have ever met, were part of COTRUGLI Executive MBA program. Demanding and guiding with critical thinking. A lot of practical tools to apply in everyday work.

Daniela Yordanova

Senior Engineer, Mobiltel EAD

First of all, I’ve met wonderful people and made new friends and colleagues! Strengthen my business skills and improve existing knowledge, especially through financial and marketing modules.
This was a very interesting, useful, and sometimes difficult journey that I would love to repeat again. Thanks to a whole generation and COTRUGLI employees, we will remain in touch and I am looking forward to our next meeting!

Maja Lapić Dusper

Regional Head of Sales and Marketing, Styria Sport

During COTRUGLI EMBA program I had a chance to listen and learn from international lecturers how to think “out of box”and to improve my business knowledge. It is special value which I will use for the rest of my life. Great journey!

Danijel Zadjelović

General Manager, Lipik Glas

COTRUGLI is a worthy partner and a School that makes us ready for the challenges to come, both in business and in life. The process of exchanging knowledge and experiences during their school between students and professors, but also students between each other is amazing. New knowledge and ways to use them in everyday operations are invaluable.

Saša Tešanović

Sales Manager, Pliva

EMBA helped me to reveal my potential and undertake an amazing 2-years journey with the brightest minds in the Balkans. As a result I succeeded to move up from heading a business unit to becoming an entrepreneur and be part of a solid network of professionals.

Trifon Vasilev

General Manager, Nitrogenmuvek

One thing I definitely learned at COTRUGLI Business School is in order to improve yourself and improve your surrounding, you have to understand yourself first.

Uroš Ignjačević

CEO, Prima Media Agency

COTRUGLI MBA curriculum was challenging and exciting at the same time. I have enjoyed in very open interaction with both colleagues and professors. During the program, I gained a lot of useful skills and information, but the biggest advantage of the program is networking – I’ve met a lot of interesting people coming from all over the region and made new friendships.

Nina Gomboc

Financing Sales Leader for Slovenia and Croatia, IBM Slovenia

In COTRUGLI I met many intelligent and successful people with similar interests. COTRUGLI helped me complement, summarize and expand the knowledge and skills acquired over the years and to chart the way to my future as successful manager. I recommend COTRUGLI as the only worthwhile option for quality European education in Eastern Europe in the field of business management.

Dimitar Belinov

Head of Business Unit, EOS Bulgaria

COTRUGLI offers a lot if you work hard to seize all of that. But it is worthwhile as the results are obvious quickly and you really grow. Very important is the orientation to the school program, which includes the knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in practice.

Most of the classes are intense and demanding, as you need to prepare, do pre-work assignments, followed by in-class exercises and the final exam. In the same time, you meet a lot your peers, have a lot of fun and make some valuable contacts. You also get to travel and change venues which makes it more interesting.

Vladan Jocić

Director, REUR Management and Consultancy in business operations

Executive MBA program schedule perfectly suited my calendar and provided me with great potential for networking outside my home country.

Alden Bajgorić

Freelance Consultant

MBA has helped me to see the bigger picture. Some modules have changed the way I see the world and some have further developed my knowledge in areas I previously knew very little about. As well, I have met an awesome group of classmates whom I now consider friends.

Nina Strajnar

Team Manager, Telekom Slovenije

I would recommend COTRUGLI for authenticity and flexibility. Amazing journey where on each stop I added value to myselfthrough knowledge and experience shared by great teachers and colleagues with different backgrounds and coming from different cultures.

Mariana Rucăreanu

Financial Manager, Stratum Enclosures

I recommend COTRUGLI to anyone who wants to acquire full understanding of how to start, develop and grow successful business. Or to someone who wants to know how to be more successful at what she or he is doing by knowing more about all the aspects of the environment that surrounds her/him. The other major reason to be part of COTRUGLI is the opportunity to build good network of friends from various business domains across the whole Balkan region. Last but not least is the fun we are having during this journey and we have tons of pictures to prove that.COTRUGLI so far has surprised me, made me read a lot more, made me think about new and different stuff, gave me useful tools and knowledge about starting a new business. I didn’t know finance management can be so much fun or that marketing can inspire me to read on the subject for about 1 month. Most importantly, almost every module required me to think about the various aspects of my company and almost obliged me to apply my knowledge at work.

Georgi Georgiev

Lead Consultant, Technology, eCommera

With unique COTRUGLI mix of participants, hard work and great parties, you get both powerful connections and great friends. It is then really easy to get ahead in so many ways.

Nenad Paunović

CEO, Edge

With COTRUGLI EMBA program I have received a structured framework for my further professional development and a great network of colleagues and friends with very rich and diverse professional backgrounds.

Mirjana Stojanović

Head of IT & Cloud Macedonia, Montenegro & Serbia, Ericsson

COTRUGLI is a great learning experience, I really enjoyed going through all modules and interacting with experienced professors from all over the world, but not only that. It was inspiring to work with such a group of students, stunning individuals and brilliant persons. It is my privilege to say that some of them are my friends today.

Tomislav Peričić

Supply Chain Director, TDR - BAT HRVATSKA

COTRUGLI school is the best thing that happened to me in my life! COTRUGLI brought countless positive things for less than a year: I learned a lot, met a lot of people, and networking is great. Everything is designed so well that the only final outcome is SUCCESS.

Anđa Vukčević

Owner, Etno selo Šljeme

Responsible for personal improvement, knowledge, visibility in the business world with the doze of fun and experience, COTRUGLI Business School is the goal that must be present in life of everyone who wants more.

Maja Majkić

Marketing Officer, UniCredit Bank Serbia

Whether you are stuck in your career, or simply looking to enhance your business skills and open up new horizons, COTRUGLI Business School is the right place for you. You will not only learn about the most current trends in the global business environment, but you will also meet top notch professionals and build a valuable network of peers in the region.

Aside from gaining critical knowledge and developing skills that I deem necessary in my everyday decision making process, I firmly believe that attending COTRUGLI EMBA has made me a better leader as well. Learning about most up-to-date business trends has helped me transform my overall thinking and overcome certain boundaries imposed by my previous educational background. Ultimately, learning from the experience of my colleagues and discussing my own business challenges and how they would address them, is the most valuable part of COTRUGLI EMBA program in my opinion.

Damjan Đokić

Commercial Director, MARSO GUME

Studying at COTRUGLI makes you a part of a huge network of like-minded, creative people that you can associate with and learn from for the rest of your career. I made new friendships that last for lifetime, with people coming from various backgrounds, bringing very different but invariably useful experiences, the same energy and motivation to achieve their business and personal goals. Looking backward, I am happy that I chose COTRUGLI because I got the best.

Azer Viđen

Project Manager, Schneider Electric

The past two years at COTRUGLI EMBA program is not only a priceless life and professional experience for me, but also a confirmation of the need for a lifelong learning and education. Newly acquired knowledge, especially in the areas I was not so familiar with before, certainly raised my self-confidence and improved the professional performance at my new position of the CEO.

Zrinko Kamber

CEO, Medora Hotels & Resorts

What is COTRUGLI? It is passion, knowledge and friends who become your partners. It is everything you would like to get from people, knowledge and society. You just need to courage to jump and get it!

Danail Kroumov

Software Development Manager, Soft2Run

Back in school, I have always dreamed about being independent, growing my own business – being my own boss. In real life – I have embarked and advanced in the corporate world over the past 9 years. COTRUGLI experience has revived my dream, and I have started seriously working on ideas for future ventures. I feel it’s the result of the confidence I have seen in my professors, as well as the success stories of my fellow peers. This confidence is growing inside me, and it started shaking me out of my corporate bubble like a strong driving force. It feels great!

Nikola Trifunović

Sales Director, BG Reklam

COTRUGLI EMBA program taught me how to implement change and how to develop the right mindset required to manage change effectively.

Martin Georgiev Markov

Sales & Marketing Manager, Kittner Anlagen und Maschinenbau