Summer Leadership Retreat with Mike George - COTRUGLI


This is an essential wisdom for your leadership journey

While the world speeds up and we often seem to be living in the ‘fast lane’ we easily forget our own needs. We may be leading others, but have we learned to lead our self?

In these short online lectures, Mike George invites you to ‘slow down’ as he tunes you into some essential insights and wisdom that you will need to be a brilliant leader as well as an amazing human being.

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    Lectures will be available for you to watch until August 31, 2021.


    Topic 1: From Force to Power

    Nine shifts in the way you use your energy and build your resilience

    "You’ve got to make it happen” is the mantra of the forceful leader. Often, they don’t notice that in doing so they lose their influence and therefore their effectiveness. Ask any parent! If you want to know and use your real power stop trying to force things.

    Topic 2: Dealing with Difficult Relationships

    Practical ways to repair and build effective relationships

    We all have a difficult person in our life. Sometimes more than one! Are you curious as to why they have entered your life? Would it be useful to know how to interact more effectively? Most people’s answers would probably be yes, yes and yes!

    Topic 3: Living and Leading with Purpose

    How a clear sense of purpose is essential to provide direction and keep you ‘on track’

    “If you don’t know where your headed, you’ll end up where you are going” is ancient Chinese wisdom. It is also the sign of the purposeless person living a purposeless life. What gets YOU out of bed in the morning? Is it just the money or something deeper, more focused?

    Topic 4: Are YOU walking the Path of the MASTER or the Path of the SLAVE?

    Clarifying our choices in how you live our life as you show others the way

    It’s no fun being a slave. Yet most of us will live our entire life enslaved to something or someone. And not even realize it! A master is the author of their own destiny, fully awake and aware. Find out if you are a slave or a master.

    Topic 5: Mysteries of Karma and the Law of Reciprocity

    Understanding how your mindset and the consequent actions invisibly shape your life

    Karma is the result of your thoughts and actions yesterday on your effectiveness today. While the dynamic and its' principles are simple, karma has deep and complex consequences. Easier to see in others than in yourself. Until today!

    Topic 6: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

    Why awareness of the emotions that you feel is essential to your connection with others

    Many international organizations are not so interested in academic qualifications. They seek the individual with well developed emotional intelligence. All in the name of keeping the best people onside and motivated. Are you ‘up to speed’ on the development of your EQ?


    Mike George is an author of 16 books focussed on self-awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership, including Being Your Self, Don’t Get MAD Get Wise and Liberating Leadership. He has been a member of the COTRUGLI Faculty for the last 15 years. He runs the Leadership, Communication and Change module as well as the Self Management and Personal Development modules in the Schools EMBA and MBA programs. He is the coach and guide for personal and executive development for Mitsubishi, Siemens, Johnson and Johnson, Dupont, American Express, British Telecom, Tetra Laval, United Bank of Switzerland, KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines, The Allianz Group, Barclays Bank, Royal Mail, Royal Bank of Scotland, NHS, Sheraton Hotels, The BBC, Pliva, Heineken, Agrokor, CCHBC, Dukat, Carlsberg, Zagrebačka banka, Alstom.