In a crisis, the role of human resources is to protect the well-being of employees, at the same contributing to the sustainability of the organization. How to fulfill this key responsibility, and what challenges lie along the way, find out by participating in an online, real - time HR session organized by COTRUGLI Business School with experts from leading regional companies and job sites.

Join us for a free virtual panel and learn more about the role of HR in the times of crisis.



1. Mojca Domiter, People and Culture Executive Director, Atlantic Grupa
2. Laura Orlić, HR Executive with 20 years of multinational experience
3. Zdravka Demeter Bubalo, HR Senior Vice President, MOL Group
4. Alisa Evsina, HR Director, NIS
5. Žana Zeković, HR Director, Regent Porto Montenegro
6. Sonja Ćetković, Employment and HR websites Director, Poslovi Infostud
7. Gregor Rajšp, HR Director, Pivovarna Laško Union (Heineken International)


Lana Dojčinović Matovina, Executive Director, COTRUGLI Business School


  • The role of HR in crisis management
  • Main HR challenges during (COVID-19) crisis
  • Maintaining motivation, morale & well being of employees
  • Managing remote teams
  • Cost cutting as a “necessary evil”
  • Upskilling and reskilling: locking down all T&D budgets / getting ready for the new normal
  • Leveraging technology to manage different aspects of (HR) business continuity
  • Recruitment market during the crisis
  • Lessons learned for the future


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    Nino Štambuk
    Head of Business Strategy / RTL Hrvatska
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