The world we live in functions more in chaos than in order. Ordo ab Chao (order in chaos) will focus on the unparalleled conditions we are facing in the environment. Pandemic risks, climate change, globalization and technology are challenging the sources of order and authority that have guided us all for centuries.
What should be the role of leaders in this context?

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what should the leader's agenda be in order to keep up with these trends.

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About the Lecturer:

  • Worked with executives from more than 400 companies, representing more than 75 countries
  • Global expert executive trainer, professor and consultant for more than 15 years
  • Expertise: Corporate Global Strategy, Marketing and Branding and Internationalization Processes
  • One of the best-rated professors at COTRUGLI
  • Daniela Yordanova
    This was the best professor in integrating knowledge, personal attitude to students, managing the flow and the mood and at the end inspiring speaker!
    Daniela Yordanova
    Group Brand Manager NESCAFE Pure Soluble Coffee SE Market / Nestle
  • Denitsa Stoyanova
    The professor is one of the most charismatic and engaging lecturers, he managed to keep our attention throughout the whole module and to sustain high level of energy and participation.
    Denitsa Stoyanova
    Head of HR CEE Corporate, Investment and Private banking / UniCredit
  • Alexandra Losseva
    I am very impressed by professor for his broad knowledge and the way he interacted with the students.
    Alexandra Losseva
    Head of Deposit Business Line / BNP Paribas
  • Milena Ribarova
    Communication with the students was a real and useful conversation. Listening and responding of the professor on individual level was highly appreciated.
    Milena Ribarova
    Senior Manager Global BPM / Ingram Micro
  • Vida Hictaler
    Professor had a lot of business examples he shared during the course which helped me to get the ideas more quickly and efficiently.
    Vida Hictaler
    Channel Manager SEE / Veeam Software
  • Maja Ljubičić
    His lectures were engaging, inviting for all to contribute, relevant and applicable.
    Maja Ljubičić
    Manager Reduced Risk Product / Philip Morris International
  • Miljan Šuković
    Through my academic and professional development and career I was "exposed" to many and various types of lectures. Prof Kfuri outperforms if not all of them, then the vast majority.
    Miljan Šuković
    Internal Communication / Erste banka Crna Gora
1+ About the topic:

Unprecedented trends are transforming more rapidly than ever before the world we are living in, the societies we built, the consumer profiles and aspirations, and the companies we manage. What should the leader's agenda be to keep up with them? Ordo ab Chao will create an special sensitivity towards the unparalleled conditions we are facing in the environment. The world we face functions more in chaos than in order. Pandemic risks, Climate change, Globalization, AI, ML, IoT, etc. are challenging the sources of order and authority that have guided us all for centuries. What should be the role of leaders in this context? Which specific skills and tools should a sounded manager master? There are no unanimous answers to those questions, but there are certain practices that should allow us stepping on a solid ground from where to look at the future. Anticipating Global Consumer Trends, New Business Models Configurations, Innovation and Agile processes, Storytelling skills, strong Corporate Brand Identities, among other aspects, will help us spot a horizon of potential success.

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  • Damir Kovačević
    It is only at COTRUGLI that you can use couple of hundred brains to develop your own business for free.
    Damir Kovačević
    Founder / Absence Management Institute
  • Ana Hajnal
    You need a program that will broaden your knowledge across every discipline of business and management, sharpen your analytical skills and boost your confidence. And I experienced all that at COTRUGLI Business School.
    Ana Hajnal
    Head of Global Medical Affairs Finance (PDMA Finance) / F.Hoffmann-La Roche
  • Nino Štambuk
    I learn how to work diligently through problems. How to multitask and prioritize. How to think in a structured way, and to efficiently communicate ideas. I learned things on Sunday, and I successfully applied them on Monday. After attending COTRUGLI Business School I started to grow faster than ever.
    Nino Štambuk
    Head of Business Strategy / RTL Hrvatska
  • Ivana Kovačić
    Whether you are trying to change your workplace, salary, industry or start your own business, this experience is a motivation that I would recommend to everyone as the best boost to fulfill your wishes!
    Ivana Kovačić
    Country Head of HR / Wiener osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group
  • Igor Vlahović
    Our growth and learning didn’t finish after our graduation. COTRUGLI showed me the way how to continue this lifetime process, opened a new perspective end encouraged me to aim higher in my business career.
    Igor Vlahović
    President of the Board / PressGlass