Are you ready
to bring your ideas to life?

Welcome to the EDIH Hackathon, where ideas are transformed into business.

200.000 €

in acceleration services for winning teams

Applications open
August 1st, 2024

Final Event
September 20th

Who Should Participate?

This Hackathon is for Southeast European companies and business professionals looking to bring feasible ideas to life.

Ideas We Seek

Frontier Tech includes AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, Cloud, Edge, Quantum, VR, and XR.

Social Innovation, Circular Economy, IOT, VR, XR, Gaming, Clean Energy, Scalable Construction, Learning & Development, EdTECH, Workforce Shortage.

Other ideas with clear feasibility and founder market fit.


Apply new or existing skills to transform your business and society.


Through boot camp and mentorship (available live and online).


Form a winning team and connect with like-minded professionals.


Develop your project on COTRUGLI TECH MBA.

Open Challenge

Identify an idea and present a feasible solution.


Applications Open

August 1st , 2024

Get acquainted with the hackathon’s goals and meet fellow participants

COTRUGLI Business School  Zagreb September 4th, 2024 (Available online)

3-day education starting September 10th Zagreb, Rijeka, Varaždin, Novska
Modules available to choose:
Digital readiness test
Creating digital twins
Digital business skills
Gamification and video game development
Pitch training
Test before invest
Crowdfunding campaign preparations
Connecting with investors

Submissions are open September 5th-15th.

Up to 10 slides and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) demonstration (extra points)

Final Event: September 20, 2024

Pitch your work and show your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with the support of mentors and the COTRUGLI community. Impress the judges and answer their questions. (5-10 min pitch, 10-30 min Q&A)

Your solutions
will be evaluated based on:





Technical Readiness


Presentation Quality


SDG Alignment


Prizes And Recognition

The top 5 company teams can continue with a two-year acceleration phase via the COTRUGLI TECH MBA program. (40.000 EUR per team value)
Recognition from our media partners and on social media.
Potential commercial collaborations with our partners for solution implementation.


Unfortunately, you can’t.
You need to be part of a company and have a team of 2-3 members.

Yes, companies and organizations can apply to participate, become partners, or sponsor the hackathon.

Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, BIH, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania.

Yes, is allowed and will be facilitated by the organizers


    Become A Partner

    By partnering with the COTRUGLI EDIH Hackathon, you can tap into a pool of creative thinkers and innovators. Participating teams will work to provide fresh perspectives on your industry’s challenges and devise innovative solutions.

    Engaging with the hackathon allows you to identify and connect with top regional talent. You can scout potential employees, interns, or collaborators who may drive your organization’s change initiatives forward. Your brand will be prominently featured throughout the hackathon as a partner or sponsor. You’ll gain exposure through various channels, including social media, event materials, and media partners.

    Join the COTRUGLI network of industry experts and thought leaders.

    Participate in panel discussions, workshops, and exclusive networking events to foster valuable connections. By supporting this hackathon, you contribute to advancing business and technology and its positive impact on society.

    Identify promising solutions developed during the hackathon and explore opportunities for collaboration.