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COTRUGLI Business School headquarters are located in Zagreb and Belgrade, with branch offices in Sofia, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Podgorica and Dubai. Through these regional operational centers, COTRUGLI is creating Alumni networks in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, while at the same time reaching cultures and business environments worldwide.

In addition to MBA programs, COTRUGLI is specialized in delivering customized In House programs and Open Enrollment programs. Collaboration with the world's leading experts and more than 11,000 of satisfied clients have greatly contributed to the affirmation of the School as the most progressive in the SEE region.

COTRUGLI Business School has been awarded the AMBA accreditation for its MBA programs. Association of MBAs provides independent proof of quality and excellence for MBA programs. AMBA’s goal is to constantly develop and enhance the quality of MBA programs worldwide. Among thousands of business schools worldwide, only 200 have been AMBA accredited. Some of them are IMD (Switzerland), IESE (Spain), London Business School, INSEAD (France) and COTRUGLI Business School.


To further expand internationally and become recognized as a center of world class managerial education by 2018, while maintaining a position of the leading business schools in SE Europe.


We are committed to developing competent and ethical leaders, capable of meeting the challenges of global business environment and making positive contributions to their organizations and the society.
Welcome note
Having invested a lot of effort in raising awareness of the importance of business education, in ten years’ time, COTRUGLI has become a leading business school in SEE. Together with our Alumni we are ready to take on new challenges, but we will remain driven by our mission to create positive changes in everything we do.

On the other hand, being fully aware of the rapid development of the business education market, we are committed to maintaining a leading position on the market with high quality products which will enable our future participants the expected return on their investment, and provide further professional growth opportunities to the current ones.

If you decide to start your educational journey with COTRUGLI, our internationally accredited programs, exceptional participants, renowned faculty and a truly dedicated team will enable you to become more successful in solving your business challenges, to lead your people passionately and to create new business trends.

We hope this MBA guide will convey to you our passion for education and the promise we deliver.

Welcome to our E/MBA world!

Lana Dojčinović Matovina
Executive Director
4 Key Benefits of COTRUGLI Business School:

Renowned faculty: COTRUGLI lecturers have significant experience in working with global and regional companies on the highest level. They are reputable experts who come from distinguished business schools and consultancy companies.

Part-time programs: COTRUGLI program requires minimal absence from work and brings the highest return on investment. Based on the case study methodology, COTRUGLI MBA programs are part-time programs, which allows you to continue working and immediately apply the knowledge gained in class.

Top participants who contribute to high class networking opportunities. The structure of students in relation to their job position suggests that more than 70% of participants hold managerial positions in the region, either as directors, managers or entrepreneurs.

Professional transformation: If you are an experienced manager with concrete knowledge in specific field/industry and you want to start your own business, COTRUGLI MBA program will provide you with the necessary support in starting and developing your business project. At the same time, the innovation and the possibility to turn your ideas into a successful business project is always valued by corporations. Many of our Alumni members become successful innovators and leaders within their corporations.
Benedetto Cotrugli
As an independent state, the Dubrovnik Republic was a center of commerce in the region for a number of centuries (13th – 19th century). The citizens of Dubrovnik were considered elite merchants, welcomed by all courts at the time, and prized for their diplomatic skills and knowledge. Their outstanding commercial skills matched another quality they were recognized for: doing business in a socially responsible way. To emphasize our understanding of the significance of innovation in today’s changing world and concurrent preservation of traditional values, we have named our School after a Renaissance thinker who was an expert and author on the subject over 500 years ago.

Benedetto Cotrugli (also Benedikt “Beno” Kotruljević) was a citizen of the Dubrovnik Republic, who lived in the 15th century. He was a merchant by profession, a humanist by education, a scientist by vocation, and a diplomat by invitation. His book “Della Mercatura et del Mercante Perfetto”, written in 1458, is credited to be the first to portray the principles and methods of double Entry Bookkeeping.

On top of that, the book also illustrates the principles of personal development and the value of ethics in business, which was the key reason why the School was named after Mr. Cotrugli. These principles remain very much alive today and are treasured throughout our educational portfolio.
Core Values
INTEGRITY - High standards of ethics in our teaching, research and relationships with the Business Community

EXCELLENCE - In everything we do

RELEVANCE - Education and research that is relevant and meets the challenges facing students, organizations, and local communities

TEAMWORK AND COOPERATION - Between the Participants, Staff Members and COTRUGLI Business Partners

DIVERSITY - We recognize and value the contribution of each individual

CONTINUOUS LEARNING - To prepare the Participants and COTRUGLI Staff Members to meet the challenge of a lifelong learning process

COMMUNITY SERVICE - To serve the needs of local communities