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This privacy policy provides information about the collection and processing of personal data through this website: COTRUGLI.ORG



COTRUGLI Business School

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Contact: [email protected]



We may collect personal data through this website for the following purposes:

  • applying for one of the offered programs or events
  • responding to a request or inquiry
  • for the purpose of applying for an open position

The processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of the requested service or in order to take action in order for the service to be provided (Art. 6 para. 1 item (b GDPR)

We can also process the e-mail address obtained for the above mentioned purposes for additional, other purposes on the basis of our legitimate interest. However, you may at any time limit such processing or completely prohibit it by filing a complaint or by unsubscibing from the list of recipients without having negative effect regarding your cooperation with the COTRUGLI Business School.



In certain situations, we may process personal data based on our legitimate interest. Then, when we process on that basis, you can file a complaint with us and restrict or prohibit the processing.


Processings that we carry out on the basis of established legitimate interest:


Data to be processed: e-mail

Categories of data subjects whose data we process: candidates, potential candidates and other interested persons for the services of the processing manager, COTRUGLI Alumni, business associates / partners and other persons with whom the data controller was or is in a business relationship

Purpose of processing: marketing

Legal basis: legitimate interest (Art. 6 para. 1 t (f GDPR)

Retention period: until the purpose is fulfilled, the recipient unsubscribes or the complaint is pointed out


Data processed: E-mail

Categories of data subjects whose data are processed: Candidates, potential candidates, COTRUGLI alumni, business associates and partners

Purpose of the processing: Providing information regarding business actualities that could contribute to the understanding and / or adoption of knowledge of the COTURGLI module.

Legal basis: Legitimate interest (Art. 6 st. 1 t (f GDPR)

Storage time: until the purpose is met, the recipient unsubscribes or a filing a complaint



We may pass on personal data for use to providers of information and communication solutions and services that act as our data processor.

Those data processors shall provide reasonable guarantees and shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that data protection and compliance with the requirements of the General Regulation are adequately ensured. We have concluded a Data Processing Agreement with such data processors in accordance with the Commission Implementing Decision EU 2021/915 on standard contractual clauses between data controller and data processor as a separate part of the contract which prescribes in detail the handling of personal data and we we have taken and are taking the necessary procedures and actions (such as regular verification of data processor) and therefore they are not able to process your personal data without our order and pass it on to third parties.

Personal data is not passed on to third parties for direct marketing purposes.



Then when we collect personal data for the purpose of registering for one of the offered programs or events, registration for an open position or for the purpose of realizing requests / inquiries regarding our services, the requested data are mandatory.

In case of non-provision of data, we will not be able to provide the service in accordance with our terms of business.



Data we collect for the purpose of:

  • applying for one of the offered programs or events
  • responding to a request or inquiry

we process it until the purpose for which the personal data was collected is fulfilled. After the termination of the purpose, the data are no longer processed except for the e-mail address in case we determine the potential interest or benefit for the data owner. In this case, the e-mail address is processed based on our legitimate interest as long as such interest exists or until you restrict or prohibit the processing.


Data we collect for the purpose of:

  • applications for vacancies

Applications of candidates with whom employment relationship has not been established are stored for a period of 6 months from the last day until the competition was open for submission of applications. Such a deadline is determined on the basis of the duration of the probationary period of the selected candidate, so that in case the probationary period is not satisfied, a new candidate can be selected from the database of submitted applications. In case the candidate does not want to stay in the candidate database for 6 months, he can request the return or deletion of the submitted data.



This page contains links to other sites that are not under the control of this data controller. Such links are always clearly highlighted. When accessing such sites please familiarize yourself with their privacy policies.

The pages and profiles that this data controller manages on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) are always under the correct name: COTRUGLI Business School

We use data collected through such profiles and sites in accordance with the rules of that network.



We collect and process personal data in a way that ensures adequate security and confidentiality in their processing and enables the effective application of the principles of data protection, reduced amount of data, the scope of their processing, retention period and their availability. For this purpose, we have introduced appropriate technical and organizational protection measures that ensure a level of security that matches the risks presented by the processing of data and the nature of the personal data being protected, bearing in mind the characteristics and costs of their introduction.

We regularly review processing that may present a risk to the rights and freedoms of the individual and we have taken appropriate measures to protect personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, especially in cases where processing involves the transfer of personal data. networks, and from all other illegal forms of processing.



Right to access

At any time, you can request a confirmation whether your personal data and detailed processing information is processed particularly about their processing purpose, the type / categories of personal data that is processed including insight into your personal data, recipients or recipient categories and the predicted period in which personal data will be stored.


Right to correction

You have the right of us without delay to obtain the correction of incorrect and supplementing incomplete personal data.


Right to delete

You have the right to ask a request to delete your personal data. In the case of justification of the request and if the legal regulations do not undertake the data storage and the data is not required for the purpose of setting up, achieving or defending legal requirements, will be deleted without unnecessary delay.


Right to the processing limit

You have the right to request a limitation of your personal data processing if you challenge the accuracy of this data, (for a period that allows us to check the accuracy of personal data), if processing is unlawful, where you are opposed to deleting data if you have filed an objection to processing your data and if The data is no longer needed and we can extract them, but they need to set up, realize or defend the legal requirements and therefore you want them to still store it.


Right to complain

You have the right to a complaint about processing your personal data. You can send the complaint to our Data Protection Officer.



Then when you believe that the collection and processing of personal data has been a violation of your rights, you can file a complaint to the supervisory body:

Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency

Selska ulica 136, Zagreb



On this web site we use technical cookies (cookies necessary for the functioning of the website and can not be excluded) and non-essential "cookies" for the purpose of improving the system operation and to improve your user experience when you give your consent. At any time you can withdraw and stop further processing without any negative consequences.




Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard internet log information and visitor behavior information. This information is used to track visitor use of the website and to compile statistical reports on website activity. For further information visit or You can set your browser not to accept cookies and the above websites tell you how to remove cookies from your browser. However, in a few cases, some of our website features may not function as a result.


COTRUGLI’s websites can only read or write cookies that belong to them. These cookies allow in particular to:

Recognize the browser during the visit(s);

Link an action to the provision of the requested service;

Record the language spoken or other preferences needed to provide the requested service;

Ensure load balancing and manage traffic;

Follow the website audience;

Develop statistical analyses

Suggest commercial offers related or not to your interests


Types of Cookies

In general, there are three different ways to classify cookies: what purpose they serve, how long they endure, and their provenance.



Session cookies – These cookies are temporary and expire once you close your browser (or once your session ends).

Persistent cookies — This category encompasses all cookies that remain on your hard drive until you erase them or your browser does, depending on the cookie’s expiration date. All persistent cookies have an expiration date written into their code, but their duration can vary. According to the ePrivacy Directive, they should not last longer than 12 months, but in practice, they could remain on your device much longer if you do not take action.



First-party cookies — As the name implies, first-party cookies are put on your device directly by the website you are visiting.

Third-party cookies — These are the cookies that are placed on your device, not by the website you are visiting, but by a third party like an advertiser or an analytic system.



Strictly necessary cookies — These cookies are essential for you to browse the website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the site. Cookies that allow web shops to hold your items in your cart while you are shopping online are an example of strictly necessary cookies. These cookies will generally be first-party session cookies. While it is not required to obtain consent for these cookies, what they do and why they are necessary should be explained to the user.

Preferences cookies — Also known as “functionality cookies,” these cookies allow a website to remember choices you have made in the past, like what language you prefer, what region you would like weather reports for, or what your user name and password are so you can automatically log in.

Statistics cookies — Also known as “performance cookies,” these cookies collect information about how you use a website, like which pages you visited and which links you clicked on. None of this information can be used to identify you. It is all aggregated and, therefore, anonymized. Their sole purpose is to improve website functions. This includes cookies from third-party analytics services as long as the cookies are for the exclusive use of the owner of the website visited.

Marketing cookies — These cookies track your online activity to help advertisers deliver more relevant advertising or to limit how many times you see an ad. These cookies can share that information with other organizations or advertisers. These are persistent cookies and almost always of third-party provenance.



For more information on processing your personal data, access to data or in case of complaint you can contact COTRUGLI Business School Data Protection Officer::

e-mail: [email protected]


After identification, the response is delivered by the usual electronic form, unless otherwise requested.

We try to process each of your inquiries within a month. If we are unable to submit an answer within one month, we will inform you about the reasons for the delay and the time limit in which the response delivery (not longer than 2 months of identity determination) can be expected.



This privacy policy is regularly reviewed, supplemented and changing to always reflect the actual state of collecting and processing personal data through this website. Please check such modifications to regularly..

Last update: November / 2021

The below list details the cookies used in our website. 


Cookie Description
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