Digital fluency and leadership capabilities are the top learning objectives of executives today.

Managers need to explore technology opportunities to transform processes, products, services and how we think and work! The widespread belief that business and technology are somehow distinct is incorrect – and costly. Companies depend on technology to develop efficient business operations.

Business managers must be comfortable learning new technologies and adapting to evolving changes.

Tech MBA

COTRUGLI's cutting-edge Tech MBA provides a learning journey in technology and management, creating professionals who can adapt to technological evolution's fast and continuous pace. Its primary objective is to increase future skills maturity levels and, thus, stimulate business transformations and keep pace with the latest technologies and market trends.

Key program outcomes

Participants will gain a deep understanding of emerging technologies, their functionalities, and their impact on existing business models,
and will be able to identify possibilities for their implementation within their organizations.

Program modules


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    With the right mindset and technological literacy, we can shepherd our entire workforce into the digital future.

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    The ideal Tech MBA candidate

    Do you have what it takes?
    You might recognize yourself as an ideal candidate if you:


    Want to enhance your skills and develop an effective technology strategy to manage technology projects inside any organization

    Looking to utilize emerging technologies to move from data to insights to strategy

    Want to develop frameworks to understand and act upon future technology trends and reinforce your strategic thinking

    Want to challenge yourself and the status quo

    Note: Prior experience in the tech industry is not a prerequisite.

    Admissions criteria

    There is no single formula for a successful candidate.
    Therefore, we prefer the individual approach in order to look into candidate’s strengths, achievements and potential.

    Basic requirements to apply for MBA program

    Tuition fee and payment

    Tuition includes mandatory teaching materials. Travel and lodging expenses, as well as additional literature are not covered by the tuition.

    Find out more about financing options and potential enrollment benefits at the consultation session which we encourage you to apply for.

    Application process

    Applications are received all year round, and no later than 3 weeks before the program starts.

    Once you decide you would like to start the enrollment process, these are the requirements:
    - Latest version of CV
    - Admissions interview – once all application documents have been reviewed, you will be invited for an interview

    The admissions committee will inform you of the program admittance once all of these steps have been completed.

    Acreditation and members


    Here's a FAQ section for the COTRUGLI Tech MBA program:

    1What is the COTRUGLI Tech MBA program?
    The COTRUGLI Tech MBA program is a transformative learning experience that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology with business management. It's designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to navigate the evolving tech-driven business landscape.
    2Why should I choose the COTRUGLI Tech MBA program?
    The program offers a unique blend of AI integration, action-packed learning, international experiences, and corporate synergy. It provides you with the opportunity to master AI technologies, tackle real-world challenges, expand your global network, and drive innovation within your organization.
    3What is the duration of the program?
    The program spans 16 months, allowing you to delve deep into technology and business concepts while accommodating full-time employment.
    4Can I balance work and learning while pursuing this program?
    Yes, the program is designed with a modular approach, making it compatible with full-time employment. You can balance work, learning, and life seamlessly.
    5What does the curriculum include?
    The curriculum includes a range of modules and boot camps, such as Management Bootcamp, Personal Branding, TECH Boot Camp, Leadership Immersion, Mastermind groups, and Mentoring.
    6Where are the program locations?
    The program takes place in various international locations, including London, Dubai, Belgrade, Zagreb, Porec, Bansko, Tivat, providing you with an international perspective.
    7How can I apply for the COTRUGLI Tech MBA program?
    The program has rolling admissions, allowing you to apply at any time. The final application deadline is three weeks before the program starts.
    8What is the program fee, and what does it include?
    The program fee is 11,000 EUR, which includes teaching materials. However, please note that travel and lodging expenses are not covered by tuition.
    9How can companies benefit from the program?
    Companies sending five or more participants have the opportunity to work on real company projects throughout the program, with support from COTRUGLI mentors. This collaboration can drive immediate impact and innovation within the organization.
    10What is the emphasis on AI in the program?
    The program places a strong emphasis on AI integration, enabling participants to understand how AI is transforming industries and how to harness its potential for their businesses.
    11What are the key highlights of the Tech MBA program?
    The program includes action-packed learning through boot camps and transformation projects, a 16-month immersive experience, and a global perspective on technology and business.
    12Can you provide more details on the Tech MBA introductory course?
    The introductory course covers personal branding, content strategy, collaboration, creativity, and more. It also features guest speakers and a time capsule exercise to reflect on your journey.
    13What can I expect from the Tech MBA learning journey?
    The learning journey focuses on exploration and action. Participants explore tech and business through various modules and then apply technology through action-packed learning approaches.
    14What are the core courses included in the program?
    The core courses cover management, managerial economics & business ethics, analytics, marketing management, sales, financial and managerial accounting, financial management, people management, strategic management, operations management, and problem-solving & decision-making.
    15What are the technology-focused courses?
    The technology-focused courses include Tech as Enabler for Transformation, Technology Foundations, and Application of Technology.
    16What is the purpose of the TECH BOOTCAMP and TECH TRANSFORMATION PROJECT?
    These projects encourage participants to think innovatively and use AI and emerging technologies to solve business challenges within their organizations.
    17Tell me more about the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp?
    The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp focuses on fostering innovation and agility, covering topics like opportunity discovery, business model innovation, and design-driven innovation with digital technology.
    18What is covered in the Leadership and Personal Development Immersion module?
    This module emphasizes self-awareness and personal enlightenment as foundations for personal development and leadership competencies. It covers topics like time and stress management, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and self-managing change.
    19Are there any testimonials or success stories from program alumni or companies?
    Yes, we have testimonials from program alumni and companies that have sent participants to the MBA program. You can explore their experiences and successes to gain insights into the program's impact.
    20How can I apply for the COTRUGLI Tech MBA program?
    To apply, visit our website and follow the application instructions. The final application deadline is three weeks before the program starts.
    21Can I apply if I have limited experience in the tech or business field?
    The program is tailored to empower individuals from various backgrounds, including specialists, professionals, entrepreneurs, and line managers. However, it is recommended that applicants have a minimum of three years of professional experience.
    22What kind of network can I build through this program?
    The program provides you with the opportunity to build a diverse network of like-minded individuals from around the world, including fellow participants 2600 COTRUGLI alumni, and industry experts.
    23Is financial aid or scholarships available for the program?
    Please check our website for information on financial aid or scholarship opportunities, if available.
    24Can I get more information about the program's international locations?
    For details on specific program locations, including accommodations and local amenities, please contact our admissions team or refer to our website.
    25Is the program offered in languages other than English?
    The program is conducted in English.
    26Can I receive academic credit for prior coursework or experience?
    Please check with our admissions team regarding the possibility of receiving academic credit for prior coursework or experience.
    27Are there any internship or job placement opportunities offered through the program?
    The program focuses on enhancing your skills and knowledge, but we can provide career support and guidance to help you pursue opportunities after completion.
    28 Is the program accredited?
    The program is accredited by AMBA.
    29Can I attend a program orientation session before enrolling?
    Orientation sessions are available. Please inquire with our admissions team for upcoming orientation dates and details.
    30How can I contact the COTRUGLI Business School for more information or inquiries?
    You can contact us through our website or reach out to our admissions team for any additional information or specific inquiries.