by our ALUMNI

While chasing “outside the box” solutions, in COTRUGLI I found the greatest value in developing skills to consistently, on demand, urgently deliver “inside the box” brilliant solutions, by motivating teams of equals on numerous projects simultaneously, all that while balancing pile of ASAP business emails and personal life.

Vanja Runje

Client Service Director (Board Member), IMAGO ADVERTISING AGENCY

Cotrugli EMBA program has provided me with an opportunity to obtain new, applicable skills and broader business knowledge, as well as a holistic approach to understanding and solving business problems. Through this program, I’ve acquired an insight into different managerial and leadership methodologies, but also into different business practices. The mix of knowledgeable professors and experienced classmates, has helped me gain a different perspective on the world, which is helping me navigate more successfully through today’s global business arena.

Jelena Porej

Global HR Director, GroundLink Beograd

During the assessment process my opening statement was “I am here to win”. And by joining COTRUGLI I did win: I got out of my comfort zone, my knowledge horizon grew immensely, I met great people and made friendships I’d cherish for life. COTRUGLI is a great school in the academic sense – brilliant professors, well designed educational program, professional program managers. But COTRUGLI is also a school in the personal sense where one learns how to speak up, to defend and idea, to become team player.
COTRUGLI is one of my best decisions so far because this experience taught me to be brave, to pursue my dreams, to be a better professional and a better version of myself.

Lilia Ilieva

Chief Operation Officer, Havas Media

Enhanced communication and people management skills helped me in gaining the confidence. I am able to self assess my own strengths and weaknesses.

Matej Pregarc

Finance Director, Pro Plus

COTRUGLI Business School changed my view on business in general and especially on business that I work in. I see a lot more opportunities around me. MBA also gave me strength and courage to do any job in the world.

Nikola Horvat

Owner / Operations Manager, Nick Horvat Tennis Management Agency / Linea Snella

I would recommend this two-year experience to everyone who would like to advance, build network in the Balkan region and share a lot of fun and useful moments.

Boriana Velikova

Senior Brand Manager Still Beverages Adria & Bulgaria, The Coca-Cola Company

I feel much more confident in my business environment. As an entrepreneur, the biggest advantage is a large network of new friends and new business possibilities.

Nikola Mikavica

Owner, Goldcut

EMBA program helped me to develop managerial and gain practical knowledge in all business aspects as well as an opportunity to enlarge my social networking with valuable business contacts and referrals.

Vladimir Djidjishev

General Manager, Ziross JSC

I decided to pursue an EMBA because, coming from an engineering background, I knew I wanted to do something more to improve my managerial skills. By coming to COTRUGLI, I had an opportunity to reflect on what I’m doing and how I’m doing my job.
I believe the program is a catalyst for professional change, whether originally intended or not.
COTRUGLI EMBA experience is one very useful and I was excited about my classmates and my professors, who bring a tremendous diversity of expertise and experiences to the program, which will immensely shape my personal and professional development.

Alina Pop

CEO, Electrogroup SA

I worked 18 years before starting EMBA, attended many different educations and had successful career but EMBA definitely enriched me at professional and personal level. The opportunity to expand my knowledge through official and non-official interactions with professors and colleagues, and to take a look on the same problem but from multiple perspectives accepting and respecting differences, is just priceless. I would recommend MBA to every manager, and invite companies to support their employees in educating them, as my company did for me and is doing for other employees.

Renata Bešenić

Business Unit Director, MEDiLAB

COTRUGLI attracted me with very well structured topics and convenient organization of the modules. The program is strongly oriented to you and supports your strive for perfection. But the best part is the networking – you don’t make contacts, you make friends. I’ve started the EMBA program to learn something new and to meet new people. What followed exceeded my expectations. It is an adventure rather than education, inspiring journey that leads you beyond the borders you think you have.

Ivan Ivanov

Director Branch Network, Allianz Bank Bulgaria

EMBA program at COTRUGLI gave me a new perspective view for my future. It empowered me with knowledge and courage to accept much more challenging opportunities. It helped me to maintain better balance between my professional and personal life. Cotrugli EMBA program gave me a great chance to meet fantastic people and to create new friendships.

Biserka Ivanenko

Purchase Manager, Cefin Bulgaria

Over past two years at COTURGLI, getting to know new colleagues was the most valuable part for me as HR professional and people oriented person, today they are my friends. During EMBA I widened existing way of thinking, at the same time shared many new ideas and thoughts that will help me in all future professional, as well as private challenges, which I might face.

Gordana Fabris

HR Director, Valamar

The world is suddenly a completely different place, instead of difficulties I see only opportunities, where fear lived, curiosity moved in. My new friends are my greatest gain.

Hrvoje Marcelić

Head of Sales and Marketing Department, HPB STAMBENA ŠTEDIONICA

EMBA program turns to be life changing journey shared with people from different personal and professional background. It simply deepens your knowledge, widens your perspectives.

Stanko Milushev

Sales Manager Hungary/Romania/Bulgaria, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket

Expanding your Network expands your Universe. Then you can boldly go where you’ve never dared to go before, plus travelling in company is always more fun.

Vojin Vojvodić

Managing Director of Service Provisioning Department, Telekom Srbija

Through the EMBA program I had a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience with talented managers from different industries in the region, to gain better understanding of different business functions and to recognize their future needs.

Nadezhda Chausheva

Strategic Planning and Total Workforce Management Expert, Makedonski Telekom AD

COTRUGLI gives you wings, it is your choice how high you will fly, but keep in mind that with COTRUGLI boundaries do not exist.

Mina Mićanović

General Manager, Poslovna Inteligencija

EMBA empowered me with knowledge and tools I will use to grow and develop my family’s business and gave me courage to start my own company.

Petra Mesarić Horvat

Business Development Manager, IM-COMP

Whether you are stuck in your career, or simply looking to enhance your business skills and open up new horizons, COTRUGLI Business School is the right place for you. You will not only learn about the most current trends in the global business environment, but you will also meet top notch professionals and build a valuable network of peers in the region.

Aside from gaining critical knowledge and developing skills that I deem necessary in my everyday decision making process, I firmly believe that attending COTRUGLI EMBA has made me a better leader as well. Learning about most up-to-date business trends has helped me transform my overall thinking and overcome certain boundaries imposed by my previous educational background. Ultimately, learning from the experience of my colleagues and discussing my own business challenges and how they would address them, is the most valuable part of COTRUGLI EMBA program in my opinion.

Damjan Đokić

Commercial Director, MARSO GUME

Practical, although profound knowledge that can be used in day to day business activities, unlocking synergies I never realized could be created. All this is offered in a multicultural environment that enriches both our professional and personal “DNA”.

Adrian Constantin Stanese

Human Resources Director, MedLife

Trust is a crucial element for me as a business advisor and to be perceived as a trusted advisor, I need to constantly demonstrate excellence in everything I do. COTRUGLI Business School, with best in class continuing education platform, helps me to improve my skill set, both in hard and soft skills area, keeping me always ready for new business challenges.

Marko Mandić

Managing Partner, Certius Team

During EMBA program I’ve found new ways of thinking regarding business issues, how to see things in new perspective and what tools to use in specific business segments. And not to forget, I’ve met great people and colleagues with whom I shared unforgettable moments during EMBA and those colleagues also help me to build myself, in personal and professional way.

Melita Bunić

Category Director, Podravka

I have started COTRUGLI as one the directors in Telenor. COTRUGLI helped me a lot with this achievement and I believe that it will help me even more in the future.

Branko Mitrović

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Telenor

The most valuable change that EMBA experience at COTRUGLI brought is a growth: both professional and personal. It brings you out of your comfort zone and opens all new perspectives and opportunities, then is on each of us to recognize and enhance them.

Milena Rajić

HR Manager, JTI M&S Belgrade

COTRUGLI Business School is the School of Life, a genuine round table of knowledge, a continuous challenge for my personal and professional development.

Simona Lungu

Project Manager, Bancpost

COTRUGLI EMBA modules have covered different business skills that I was already partly familiar with, but the knowledge and experience shared by the professors and among all other students gave me the chance to look at the business problems from several different perspectives.

Radisav Osmjalić

Country Director, Willis Towers Watson