by our ALUMNI

While chasing “outside the box” solutions, in COTRUGLI I found the greatest value in developing skills to consistently, on demand, urgently deliver “inside the box” brilliant solutions, by motivating teams of equals on numerous projects simultaneously, all that while balancing pile of ASAP business emails and personal life.

Vanja Runje

Client Service Director (Board Member), IMAGO ADVERTISING AGENCY

COTRUGLI Business School changed my view on business in general and especially on business that I work in. I see a lot more opportunities around me. MBA also gave me strength and courage to do any job in the world. 

Nikola Horvat

Owner / Operations Manager, Nick Horvat Tennis Management Agency / Linea Snella

The world is suddenly a completely different place, instead of difficulties I see only opportunities, where fear lived, curiosity moved in. My new friends are my greatest gain. 

Hrvoje Marcelić

Head of Sales and Marketing Department, HPB STAMBENA ŠTEDIONICA

COTRUGLI is a great learning experience, I really enjoyed going through all modules and interacting with experienced professors from all over the world, but not only that. It was inspiring to work with such a group of students, stunning individuals and brilliant persons. It is my privilege to say that some of them are my friends today.

Tomislav Peričić

Supply Chain Director, TDR - BAT HRVATSKA

COTRUGLI Executive program boosted my professional career, sharped my skills, increased my entrepreneur’s confidence and totally changed my mindset. But the most important, I became a proud member of huge COTRUGLI family.

Hrvoje Merki

General Manager, EURCO INC.

Cotrugli EMBA program has provided me with an opportunity to obtain new, applicable skills and broader business knowledge, as well as a holistic approach to understanding and solving business problems. Through this program, I’ve acquired an insight into different managerial and leadership methodologies, but also into different business practices. The mix of knowledgeable professors and experienced classmates, has helped me gain a different perspective on the world, which is helping me navigate more successfully through today’s global business arena.

Jelena Porej

Global HR Director, GroundLink Beograd

During the assessment process my opening statement was “I am here to win”. And by joining COTRUGLI I did win: I got out of my comfort zone, my knowledge horizon grew immensely, I met great people and made friendships I’d cherish for life. COTRUGLI is a great school in the academic sense – brilliant professors, well designed educational program, professional program managers. But COTRUGLI is also a school in the personal sense where one learns how to speak up, to defend and idea, to become team player.
COTRUGLI is one of my best decisions so far because this experience taught me to be brave, to pursue my dreams, to be a better professional and a better version of myself.

Lilia Ilieva

Chief Operation Officer, Havas Media

COTRUGLI attracted me with very well structured topics and convenient organization of the modules. The program is strongly oriented to you and supports your strive for perfection. But the best part is the networking – you don’t make contacts, you make friends. I’ve started the EMBA program to learn something new and to meet new people. What followed exceeded my expectations. It is an adventure rather than education, inspiring journey that leads you beyond the borders you think you have.


Ivan Ivanov

Director Branch Network, Allianz Bank Bulgaria

EMBA program at COTRUGLI gave me a new perspective view for my future. It empowered me with knowledge and courage to accept much more challenging opportunities. It helped me to maintain better balance between my professional and personal life. Cotrugli EMBA program gave me a great chance to meet fantastic people and to create new friendships.

Biserka Ivanenko

Purchase Manager, Cefin Bulgaria

Practical, although profound knowledge that can be used in day to day business activities, unlocking synergies I never realized could be created. All this is offered in a multicultural environment that enriches both our professional and personal “DNA”.

Adrian Constantin Stanese

Human Resources Director, MedLife

Studying at COTRUGLI makes you a part of a huge network of like-minded, creative people that you can associate with and learn from for the rest of your career. I made new friendships that last for lifetime, with people coming from various backgrounds, bringing very different but invariably useful experiences, the same energy and motivation to achieve their business and personal goals. Looking backward, I am happy that I chose COTRUGLI because I got the best.

Azer Viđen

Project Manager, Schneider Electric

COTRUGLI MBA curriculum was challenging and exciting at the same time. I have enjoyed in very open interaction with both colleagues and professors. During the program, I gained a lot of useful skills and information, but the biggest advantage of the program is networking – I’ve met a lot of interesting people coming from all over the region and made new friendships.

Nina Gomboc

Financing Sales Leader for Slovenia and Croatia, IBM Slovenia

Enhanced communication and people management skills helped me in gaining the confidence. I am able to self assess my own strengths and weaknesses.

Matej Pregarc

Finance Director, Pro Plus

Over past two years at COTURGLI, getting to know new colleagues was the most valuable part for me as HR professional and people oriented person, today they are my friends. During EMBA I widened existing way of thinking, at the same time shared many new ideas and thoughts that will help me in all future professional, as well as private challenges, which I might face.

Gordana Fabris

HR Director, Valamar

First of all, I’ve met wonderful people and made new friends and colleagues! Strengthen my business skills and improve existing knowledge, especially through financial and marketing modules.
This was a very interesting, useful, and sometimes difficult journey that I would love to repeat again. Thanks to a whole generation and COTRUGLI employees, we will remain in touch and I am looking forward to our next meeting!

Maja Lapić Dusper

Regional Head of Sales and Marketing, Styria Sport

MBA has helped me to see the bigger picture. Some modules have changed the way I see the world and some have further developed my knowledge in areas I previously knew very little about. As well, I have met an awesome group of classmates whom I now consider friends.

Nina Strajnar

Team Manager, Telekom Slovenije

Trust is a crucial element for me as a business advisor and to be perceived as a trusted advisor, I need to constantly demonstrate excellence in everything I do. COTRUGLI Business School, with best in class continuing education platform, helps me to improve my skill set, both in hard and soft skills area, keeping me always ready for new business challenges.

Marko Mandić

Managing Partner, Certius Team

I would recommend this two-year experience to everyone who would like to advance, build network in the Balkan region and share a lot of fun and useful moments.

Boriana Velikova

Senior Brand Manager Still Beverages Adria & Bulgaria, The Coca-Cola Company

EMBA program turns to be life changing journey shared with people from different personal and professional background. It simply deepens your knowledge, widens your perspectives.

Stanko Milushev

Sales Manager Hungary/Romania/Bulgaria, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket

I have started COTRUGLI as one the directors in Telenor. COTRUGLI helped me a lot with this achievement and I believe that it will help me even more in the future.

Branko Mitrović

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Telenor

I feel much more confident in my business environment. As an entrepreneur, the biggest advantage is a large network of new friends and new business possibilities.

Nikola Mikavica

Owner, Goldcut

Expanding your Network expands your Universe. Than you can boldly go where you’ve never dared to go before, plus travelling in company is always more fun.

Vojin Vojvodić

Managing Director of Service Provisioning Department, Telekom Srbija

The most valuable change that EMBA experience at COTRUGLI brought is a growth: both professional and personal. It brings you out of your comfort zone and opens all new perspectives and opportunities, than is on each of us to recognize and enhance them.

Milena Rajić

HR Manager, JTI M&S Belgrade

EMBA program helped me to develop managerial and gain practical knowledge in all business aspects as well as an opportunity to enlarge my social networking with valuable business contacts and referrals.

Vladimir Djidjishev

General Manager, Ziross JSC

Through the EMBA program I had a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience with talented managers from different industries in the region, to gain better understanding of different business functions and to recognize their future needs.

Nadezhda Chausheva

Strategic Planning and Total Workforce Management Expert, Makedonski Telekom AD

COTRUGLI Business School is the School of Life, a genuine round table of knowledge, a continuous challenge for my personal and professional development.

Simona Lungu

Project Manager, Bancpost

I decided to pursue an EMBA because, coming from an engineering background, I knew I wanted to do something more to improve my managerial skills. By coming to COTRUGLI, I had an opportunity to reflect on what I’m doing and how I’m doing my job.
I believe the program is a catalyst for professional change, whether originally intended or not.
COTRUGLI EMBA experience is one very useful and I was excited about my classmates and my professors, who bring a tremendous diversity of expertise and experiences to the program, which will immensely shape my personal and professional development. .

Alina Pop

CEO, Electrogroup SA

COTRUGLI gives you wings, it is your choice how high you will fly, but keep in mind that with COTRUGLI boundaries do not exist.

Mina Mićanović

General Manager, Poslovna Inteligencija

COTRUGLI EMBA modules have covered different business skills that I was already partly familiar with, but the knowledge and experience shared by the professors and among all other students gave me the chance to look at the business problems from several different perspectives.

Radisav Osmjalić

Country Director, Willis Towers Watson

For every learned lesson and for every colleague that I met, a new horizon in my business and personal life I got.

Dejan Koleška

Country Manager, Scania BH

In COTRUGLI I met many intelligent and successful people with similar interests. COTRUGLI helped me complement, summarize and expand the knowledge and skills acquired over the years and to chart the way to my future as successful manager. I recommend COTRUGLI as the only worthwhile option for quality European education in Eastern Europe in the field of business management.

Dimitar Belinov

Head of Business Unit, EOS Bulgaria

COTRUGLI school is the best thing that happened to me in my life! COTRUGLI brought countless positive things for less than a year: I learned a lot, met a lot of people, and networking is great. Everything is designed so well that the only final outcome is SUCCESS.

Anđa Vukčević

Owner, Etno selo Šljeme

COTRUGLI Business School is a place where you won’t only get knowledge of actual best business practice, but you can also learn the best ways how to implement them while working in a team. As teams are made of professionals from different countries and industries it makes this a unique experience which really helps in accelerating your career.

COTRUGLI Business School experience is a great blend of obtaining new business knowledge, interaction with professors and class colleagues. It is great to see how much passion is shared on every project.

Marko Živanović

International C&B EMEA, Nutanix

COTRUGLI offers a lot if you work hard to seize all of that. But it is worthwhile as the results are obvious quickly and you really grow. Very important is the orientation to the school program, which includes the knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in practice.

Most of the classes are intense and demanding, as you need to prepare, do pre-work assignments, followed by in-class exercises and the final exam. In the same time, you meet a lot your peers, have a lot of fun and make some valuable contacts. You also get to travel and change venues which makes it more interesting.


Vladan Jocić

Director, REUR Management and Consultancy in business operations

As a marketing consultant, getting an MBA degree helped me improve my business know-how and also gain credibility with my new clients.


Corina Buzatu

Owner, MKOR Consulting

COTRUGLI MBA – there is absolutely something here for everybody. With every new case and group assignment – our perceptions and responses to complex situations have been changing. It gave us the enthusiasm and the confidence to go out there and say “What’s next?”.


Mariyana Raeva

Project Management Analyst, Quintiles

Responsible for personal improvement, knowledge, visibility in the business world with the doze of fun and experience, COTRUGLI Business School is the goal that must be present in life of everyone who wants more.

Maja Majkić

Marketing Officer, UniCredit Bank Serbia

COTRUGLI is the right choice for a busy professional who is curious and strives for personal development. The specific benefit of COTRUGLI is the opportunity to explore the regional specifics of Balkans in terms of business, culture and people.

Some of the greatest professors I have ever met, were part of COTRUGLI Executive MBA program. Demanding and guiding with critical thinking. A lot of practical tools to apply in everyday work.

Daniela Yordanova

Senior Engineer, Mobiltel EAD

Executive MBA program schedule perfectly suited my calendar and provided me with great potential for networking outside my home country. 

Alden Bajgorić

Freelance Consultant

By broadening my horizons and gaining new knowledge through the Executive MBA program, I am now in a position to help others develop professionally and entrepreneurially.

Ante Livić

Director of Corporate Banking, Banka Kovanica

I enriched my understanding of business; I learned from my colleagues’ thinking and experience; and I practiced how to perform in such a multi-cultural environment.

Berislav Sokač

Senior Sales Director Europe, Logic Information System

I worked 18 years before starting EMBA, attended many different educations and had successful career but EMBA definitely enriched me at professional and personal level. The opportunity to expand my knowledge through official and non-official interactions with professors and colleagues, and to take a look on the same problem but from multiple perspectives accepting and respecting differences, is just priceless. I would recommend MBA to every manager, and invite companies to support their employees in educating them, as my company did for me and is doing for other employees.

Renata Bešenić

Business Unit Director, MEDiLAB

EMBA empowered me with knowledge and tools I will use to grow and develop my family’s business and gave me courage to start my own company.

Petra Mesarić Horvat

Business Development Manager, IM-COMP

During EMBA program I’ve found new ways of thinking regarding business issues, how to see things in new perspective and what tools to use in specific business segments. And not to forget, I’ve met great people and colleagues with whom I shared unforgettable moments during EMBA and those colleagues also help me to build myself, in personal and professional way.

Melita Bunić

Category Director, Podravka

Through this journey I had a chance to meet some very interesting people with different views and approaches to business and life in general. In one word, it was a great networking opportunity. This was also a great opportunity to develop some new and to improve existing skills, to learn new things and to see the business world through different perspective. This experience helped me to understand business processes better and to implement gained knowledge more efficiently in my daily work..

Domagoj Brlošić

Director of Research and Development, RASCO

Whether you are stuck in your career, or simply looking to enhance your business skills and open up new horizons, COTRUGLI Business School is the right place for you. You will not only learn about the most current trends in the global business environment, but you will also meet top notch professionals and build a valuable network of peers in the region.

Aside from gaining critical knowledge and developing skills that I deem necessary in my everyday decision making process, I firmly believe that attending COTRUGLI EMBA has made me a better leader as well. Learning about most up-to-date business trends has helped me transform my overall thinking and overcome certain boundaries imposed by my previous educational background. Ultimately, learning from the experience of my colleagues and discussing my own business challenges and how they would address them, is the most valuable part of COTRUGLI EMBA program in my opinion.


Damjan Đokić

Commercial Director, MARSO GUME

Georgi Georgiev

Lead Consultant, Technology, eCommera

I would recommend COTRUGLI for authenticity and flexibility. Amazing journey where on each stop I added value to myself through knowledge and experience shared by great teachers and colleagues with different backgrounds and coming from different cultures.

Mariana Rucăreanu

Financial Manager, Stratum Enclosures

The past two years at COTRUGLI EMBA program is not only a priceless life and professional experience for me, but also a confirmation of the need for a lifelong learning and education. Newly acquired knowledge, especially in the areas I was not so familiar with before, certainly raised my self-confidence and improved the professional performance at my new position of the CEO.

Zrinko Kamber

CEO, Medora Hotels & Resorts

By attending the COTRUGLI Business School I have gained a better understanding of how to leverage my strengths as a manager of myself and my team. Not only have I learned how to implement the global best practices in leadership and management, but also gained the critical-thinking skills and self-confidence needed to apply this knowledge to workplace challenges. While attending the COTRUGLI Business School I became a more effective leader in a business program that enhanced my expertise, insight, and self-awareness both in business and life while expanding my network of colleagues and expert associates. The fact that both me and my company jointly reached a higher capacity to hold a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing economy is the true success story of the COTRUGLI MBA program.

Vanja Pajić

Project Lead, Croatian Health Insurance Fund

During COTRUGLI EMBA program I had a chance to listen and learn from international lecturers how to think “out of box” and to improve my business knowledge. It is special value which I will use for the rest of my life. Great journey!

Danijel Zadjelović

General Manager, Lipik Glas

COTRUGLI gave me a unique opportunity to meet many interesting people from different regions, with various educations, and coming from most different business environment. Today, after all, I can say that the acquired knowledge and skills, as well as the exchange of experience between colleagues has opened to me new prospects in the perception of business.

Flavio Gregorović

Technical Director, Valamar

I am a mechanical engineer. MBA has opened my eyes to other aspects of business. It gave me an opportunity to work with different facets of the business in multidisciplinary teams and the challenge to learn how to work across the interfaces.

Igor Vlahović

Plant Manager, Press Glass

COTRUGLI EMBA program has given me additional tools and skills that I can apply to situations that I’m facing in my career. But without a doubt, the most valuable gain for me has been meeting so many awesome individuals from diverse backgrounds. I know that I will be able to rely on my classmates for networking in the future.

Vladimir Prša

Business Development Manager, King ICT

With unique COTRUGLI mix of participants, hard work and great parties, you get both powerful connections and great friends. It is then really easy to get ahead in so many ways.

Nenad Paunović

CEO, Edge

What is COTRUGLI? It is passion, knowledge and friends who become your partners. It is everything you would like to get from people, knowledge and society. You just need to courage to jump and get it!

Danail Kroumov

Software Development Manager, Soft2Run

EMBA helped me to reveal my potential and undertake an amazing 2-years journey with the brightest minds in the Balkans. As a result I succeeded to move up from heading a business unit to becoming an entrepreneur and be part of a solid network of professionals.

Trifon Vasilev

General Manager, Nitrogenmuvek

With COTRUGLI EMBA program I have received a structured framework for my further professional development and a great network of colleagues and friends with very rich and diverse professional backgrounds.

Mirjana Stojanović

Head of IT & Cloud Macedonia, Montenegro & Serbia, Ericsson

Back in school, I have always dreamed about being independent, growing my own business – being my own boss. In real life – I have embarked and advanced in the corporate world over the past 9 years. COTRUGLI experience has revived my dream, and I have started seriously working on ideas for future ventures. I feel it’s the result of the confidence I have seen in my professors, as well as the success stories of my fellow peers. This confidence is growing inside me, and it started shaking me out of my corporate bubble like a strong driving force. It feels great!

Nikola Trifunović

Sales Director, BG Reklam

One thing I definitely learned at COTRUGLI Business School is in order to improve yourself and improve your surrounding, you have to understand yourself first.

Uroš Ignjačević

CEO, Prima Media Agency

COTRUGLI is a worthy partner and a School that makes us ready for the challenges to come, both in business and in life. The process of exchanging knowledge and experiences during their school between students and professors, but also students between each other is amazing. New knowledge and ways to use them in everyday operations are invaluable.

Saša Tešanović

Sales Manager, Pliva

COTRUGLI EMBA program taught me how to implement change and how to develop the right mindset required to manage change effectively.

Martin Georgiev Markov

Sales & Marketing Manager, Kittner Anlagen und Maschinenbau

EMBA program allowed me to link my practical experience with the most up-to-date theoretical framework, increased my understanding of strategy and how to optimize the business on so many levels, as well as forced me to think about problem solving from different perspectives. It offers ideal base for networking and I find the contact with my peers to be one of the most useful aspects and long-term gains of the EMBA program.”

Orce Gocevski

Regional Business Manager, Alite International

It has been fun, challenging, amazing regional experience which has made me confident that cultural, professional or personality differences bring fresh perspectives that overcome barriers and make the best of contrasts.

Anca Bodolan

C&B Manager, PRO TV

EMBA was a life-changing experience for me, a journey during which I got to discover my weaknesses and my strengths, a place where I got equipped for everyday managerial challenges, a family where I found real friends.

Dragos Badulescu

General Manager, Samuel Mobilier

In my daily business life, it is usually me who is trying to teach someone. By constantly repeating already acquired knowledge, there is a risk of becoming a boring echo. COTRUGLI gave me a great opportunity to absorb new knowledge from excellent worldwide professors and to share knowledge with my fellow students.

Igor Panin

General Manager, Quality Austria Center

COTRUGLI EMBA strengthened my management skills and knowledge, helped me to improve my leadership
capability, making better decisions and inspiring others to do the same. One of the immediate benefits for myself and my employer: By working and studying at the same time, I was able to bring what I have learned in the classroom directly to the organization. I also had the privilege of working with and learning from other dedicated professionals who are from diverse industries. This type of learning
environment is vital for expanding general business knowledge as well as for building a more robust professional network.

Jahonoro Veselinova

Director of Operations and General Manager Bulgaria, Andromeda

Exchange of experiences with colleagues from other countries in the region, as well as from various industries, helped to me to analyze my own performance from a new perspective, and to successfully cope with new business challenges.

Davor Lučić

Commercial Manager, PORR AG

COTRUGLI Executive MBA offers a unique opportunity to focus on yourself and on your own developing.

Danilo Mijušković

Key Account Manager for Montenegro, Sevier

I would recommend COTRUGLI because you can update and improve your knowledge and skills on quality way, without leaving your every day job. Beside lectures and exams, School provides other activities and seminars. I would recommend COTRUGLI for networking in Balkan region.
School is well organized, with great stuff supporting all the process. It is a great opportunity to learn from experiences of your colleagues. Besides learning, there is a big chance to meet, not just colleagues and class mates but also friends for a life.

Nikola Marković

Area Sales Representative, Kaindl

Already during the first module, you realize you are surrounded by people who are eager to learn and advance. Expect the impossible throughout the program.

Dejana Jeremić

Project Specialist, Mercator S

I’m pleased to say that during the last year spent on relation Belgrade – Zagreb, with short trips to Istria, Dubrovnik & Sofia, MBA studies at COTRUGLI Business School has shifted me, helped me grow as a person and improve my perspectives.
Right after the program has began and during the first couple of modules I was impressed by people I’ve been surrounded with. Constructive group discussions, case studies and presentations’ preparations with fellow students who share similar ambitions & interests, have been precious addition to quality lectures.
Be open to show who you really are, step out confidently with your head up high, and your qualities will be recognized.

Miloš Marković

Product Sales, Sales

Running a business involves certain tasks and COTRUGLI MBA program provides skills and relevant knowledge that can be instantly applied. One of the best benefits that COTRUGLI MBA program provides is the network because you’ll meet a lot of people who are business-oriented, creative and intelligent.

Ana-Maria Vasilescu

Product Sales, Sales

Great people, diverse experience, discussions and friendships. People that I have met during the program are definitely the most valuable asset of COTRUGLI MBA program.

Vladimir Mijailović

Customer Development Team Leader Bulgaria, Colgate-Palmolive

Nothing has changed. I am the same. But my picture of future me is different. My perspective is wider, and my goals are higher.

Miroslav Kolarec

Sales Manager, MODEL Pakiranja

During the program there were hard periods as the combination of busy weeks in the office and busy weekends at COTRUGLI was very challenging, but after each module there was a feeling of new accomplishment that kept me going.

Admira Klepač

Wholesale Marketing Director, Hrvatski Telekom

MBA program at COTRUGLI Business School represents an opportunity to meet a lot of great and young people and to develop ideas that give you a kick and courage to discover new business perspectives.

Amila Čović

CCSD Category Manager, Nestle B&H

The power of COTRUGLI Business School is in the network of people who are very different in experience and knowledge, but very similar in the energy they invest in their work, in their motivation to achieve business and personal goals, in effort they put to solve certain tasks.

Ante Sabljić

Factoring DPT - Floor Plan (Peugeot Citroën) Coordinator, Societe Generale

During the modules we shape ourselves on real-life projects in interaction with international group of already established individuals, who all bring their personal values and own views to joined success of the whole team.

Bojan Hadžisejdić

Director, Nephos

Pursuing my MBA has allowed me to see the bigger picture. I manage to understand more about myself, identified my strengths and weaknesses and learn how to be more adaptable.
It helped me to have better perspective of my company but even more important, to have better understanding of my clients.

Robert Mehle

Sales Director, IN2 Group

Being part of the COTRUGLI Alumni is an outstanding experience that broadens many business and personal aspects of one’s development. Besides the received knowledge, I truly appreciate the practical insights and ideas that I learn, as well as the possibility to spread my business network around the region.

Irina Stefanov Babić

Co-owner / CEO, Digital Marketing Agency Brand Union

The most important thing that 2 year EMBA experience changed is my approach to my professional career and my personal life and the balance I maintain between those two. Also, I know I have learned much more than what I am using right now, but I know there will be occasions in the future when what I have learned, seen and heard in my program will resurface to my benefit.

Nataša Krezić

Marketing Director, H1 TELEKOM

COTRUGLI is broadening your boundaries in acquiring knowledge, turning ideas into real business plans. I got important business contacts and friends for life! A great journey with lifetime friends and positive energy.

Ana Pajović

Head of Consumer Health Care Adriatic, Boehringer Ingelheim Serbia

COTRUGLI is the best mixture of the world-class education and the spirit of the Balkans. We are learning while we are having fun!
I find it highly adrenalizing! I learn from the team work about my strengths and weaknesses and I feel motivated to improve.

Iliana Stoykova

Head of Legal Department, First Investment Bank AD

Nowadays we need not only to excel in our main field of expertise, but also to be learning agile professionals with excellent communication skills and profound business awareness – COTRUGLI helps you in this – through its network of great professors, well selected students and the program’s structure itself. Moreover being a student at COTRUGLI does not mean sacrificing your job or personal life – I started the program soon after I came back from maternity on a full time managerial position and continued attending the modules even after moving abroad with my daughter. I am happy that a year and a half ago I decided to enroll in COTRUGLI EMBA – it gave me insights and friendships that will for sure last after the end of the program.

Denitsa Zhecheva

Human Resources Business Partner, UniCredit

I recommend COTRUGLI Executive MBA program to those ready to release their potential. The ocean of information and emotions we swam into, transformed me deeply. Professional and personal. Without geographic and mental limits, I keep in my life the thirst of knowledge and a lot of valuable people. Now I know how to manage the business opportunities from all ideas that will cross my path.

Catalina Stefania Dutu Pirvu

Executive Manager, Today Advertising

COTRUGLI MBA program has been an extraordinary life-changing experience. It has showed me where I was standing and made me realize where I wanted to be and how to get there.

Katerina Fotova Čiković

Sales Manager, Baltazar

We all knew investing in education in general was a good idea but it wasn’t so clear, at least for me, which exact field is the best one.
And this is where COTRUGLI Business School appeared to be the best fit, equipping me with general business knowledge, concepts and terminology, but also with relations to colleagues and friends that can specifically support me. With this full package I can permanently orientate myself, no matter is it about my current field/position or any other that I may choose in future. It opened my eyes in many ways and gave me tools to be up to date with business mainstream.
With knowledge growth and through comparison and collaboration with colleagues, I became more confident. This confidence already resulted with smart and potential moves in my career.

Filip Bermanec

HR Manager, Hilding Anders

Working in Finance demands significant understanding of today’s fast changing business. COTRUGLI EMBA Program was an outstanding way of getting the tools and knowledge because of its combination of dedicated professors and colleagues with different experience. I have found this program to be one of the most beneficial educational experiences of my life.

Sanja Pavić Marić

Head of Controlling, Atlantic Grupa

COTRUGLI Executive MBA has opened me a new approach of ‘’out of the box’’ thinking, supported with great networking experience and redefined personal perception of challenging business situations surrounding me every day.

Matjaž Žižmond

Research & Development Director, DOK-ING

Through EMBA courses I have been exposed to different areas of business which gave me a holistic perspective, so now I feel more confident in complex situations and in decision making processes. Among the greatest benefits I would highlight increased confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and to tackle additional responsibilities and constantly challenge myself. Also very important, some of my peers have become my very close friends.

Olivera Ikanović

Business Unit Manager, PLIVA

Today all graduated COTRUGLI students deserve a medal. This medal has two sides: One is dedicated to our private life, to the great journey we had, to the emotions and great people that we met, and the second side is dedicated to the knowledge and experience that we have received and that we will use for the coming challenges in our business lives.

Enor Ćerimagić

Lead Customer Operations Europe&Canada, Takeda Pharmaceutical

COTRUGLI has a local focus and it’s an incubator of business ideas which are to be implemented locally.

Desislava Markova

Managing Director, Trinity West

Benefits are divided in to two categories: structural knowledge and exchange of experiences with 50-60 professionals whom you can call friends by the end of the program.

Vasil Gocevski

Managing Director & VP of Sales, Seavus AB

My daily life improved significantly, since I started to implement the new knowledge into every small detail of life. Here I mean work-life balance. And I made friends and we keep in touch even when I moved across the ocean. It has been a truly unforgettable and joyful experience in my life.

Geno Stoynov

Deputy CEO, National Distributors

“Sky is the limit”, we all know this expression. After the EMBA at COTRUGLI this is not only an expression, it is my real life.
This EMBA was about love. Love for others, for the community, for family and how by being a true professional you can only give more.
Thank you!

Teodor Stefan Galea

Telesales Director - Europe, Colt Technology Services

With wider and more in-depth knowledge of business, I can now actively participate in decision making and planning processes at the managerial level.

Srboljub Marković

Regional Sales Manager, Serbia Broadband

Each person in certain period of life has a unique combination of personal and professional experience and knowledge acquired. There are many decisions to be taken, smaller or bigger and nobody knows the outcome. EMBA helped me to become more aware of all this and to make uncertainties more certain. Helped me to realize that in this world of ambiguities our life can be managed and still become fruitful.

Borko Vujašević

D&P Manager, JTI

Joining the COTRUGLI EMBA program is one of the best career steps that I have taken so far – studying and interacting with a group of successful leaders from the region evolves into a strong network of like-minded people that creates value not only for the individuals but also for the business in the region as a whole.

Zornitsa Yankulova

Managing Partner, Leanify

COTRUGLI taught me how to work with different personality types, how to prioritize business decisions and how to always get better.

Velizar Velkov

Business Development Manager, The Conference Board

Every module, every lecturer and colleague reminds me about unlimited creative potential of us to be used for our communities, partners, family and friends.

Diana Maietec

Training & Development Manager, Flex

EMBA program at COTRUGLI Business School provided me with the opportunity to round out my business knowledge and get greater exposure to current business concepts and practices. The varied experiences and backgrounds of my classmates contributed to the learning environment and sparked discussions that both challenged and supplemented the course material. The opportunity to conduct formal academic research on a pertinent business topic brought direct value to my employer; and the trade mission allowed students to put learning into action in an international business setting. EMBA challenged me to stretch my ‘learning muscles’ and provided a worthwhile return on investment. My goal was to learn something new about myself and my business—to be able to do old things in new ways and expand my vision of my company’s growth potential.

Adrian Aanei

Business Unit Manager, Eldon Romania

COTRUGLI is an experience that will improve your way of business thinking!

Sorin Bordea

Executive Director, DATCOMP

EMBA program is my best investment. Besides expanding and transforming my global perspectives, I could not realize that I can learn and have so much fun with my classmates. Program gave me new ideas, self-confidence, empowered me to lean and share my knowledge. I truly recommend it.

Maša Bošan

Product Manager, Dominion Voting Systems

With every module behind me I just hardly wait with full enthusiasm and excitement to use what I learned and improve my business.

Zejid Šoto

General Manager, PZU New Life Sarajevo

I recommend COTRUGLI Business School as it is modern and progressive institution, delivering high-quality education to the students. Selected modules of the ЕMBA program bring over a valuable knowledge, which highly corresponds to the standards of contemporary business environment. Most of professors have a real professional experience in various business fields, which facilitates shared knowledge and skills to be practice-based proven.
My personal COTRUGLI experience could be split in two parts. The first part is related with the academic programs and the meaningful knowledge, habits and updates you got from it in various business areas. The second part is related with networking benefits. Joining a class of around 50 people from various businesses and with diverse experience, is a huge advantage that makes people to learn from one another, share knowledge and know-how, creates business opportunities.

Borislav Popov

Head of Affluent Banking and Deposits Division, Postbank

COTRUGLI programs are professionally prepared and provide a high-value learning opportunity. The time at COTRUGLI is an excellent choice to receive knowledge, being among many friendly, creative and different people from the Balkan region. The real benefit of classes are the open discussions with various points of view, full of challenges. This is certainly the most rewarding period in every student’s life.

For me as a manager with an engineering background is very important to see the business processes from another perspective, as well as to acquire leadership insights and to fulfill the gap with new practical expertise and vivid ideas. This 2-year challenge allows me to add value and to assure freedom of growth not only for me as a person but also for our company! It’s a great pleasure to be a part of the never-ending COTRUGLI journey!

Kaloyan Ivanov

General Manager, AMK Drives & Controls

The people I met during EMBA are positive, well-meaning and they know more than me, and this combination, to me personally, is gratifying.

Rade Ljumović

Owner, RLC Montenegro

COTRUGI Business School is providing a great opportunity to learn different topics but in the same time giving possibility for making personal connections. School is performing great level of flexibility in order to provide easier merging personal and education obligations. School’s staff is very supportive and cooperative that make our education easier and enable us focusing just on topics. Professors are experienced and ready to answer all questions. Everyone is encouraged to place question and have good dialog!

Effect of the learning points that I was not aware until now, make me impressed. I could make comparison of the education like safely ride in the completely new and interesting environment. Some of the new things cause effect of the decoupling from reality and create new thoughts, thoughts that I am sure that I could not get in the everyday life without school. Exchanging of the experience with colleagues from generation enable fast collecting of the experience. I am sure that I would need time duration few human lives to get this experience my selves. That fact became one of the most important benefit of this education.

Predrag Kovačić

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, GRUNDFOS

COTRUGLI MBA program gives you lifetime experience packed in two years full of interactions with top level managers and world class professors. The courses take you through cases and situations that forge friendships and open new perspectives.

Iliya Markov

Brand Development Manager, Ferdinand Bilstein

COTRUGLI MBA experience was quite likely one of my best professional decisions I have ever made. It made me grow both, privately and professionally through quality contents it offers, professional and well prepared lecturers, but most of all, through sharing knowledge and experience with other colleagues that created a long-lasting and inextricable networking.

Radoje Krajišnik

Purchase Manager , dm drogerie markt

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