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At COTRUGLI, excellence is our standard. Our Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program is designed for leaders who strive for excellence in their professional and personal lives. Our agile, hands-on educational approach ensures a learning experience that aligns deeply with your aspirations and unique challenges.

Who Should Apply?

The DBA program is tailored for leaders with advanced degrees, such as an MBA, who want to pivot their careers, develop a business consulting practice, advance within their organizations, teach at business schools, or achieve personal growth and development.

Program Overview

The DBA sets itself apart from the PhD with its practical focus on applied research in business-related areas, often directly connected to the workplace. This program is not burdened by heavy theoretical content or complex statistical methods. Instead, it emphasizes real-world application and straightforward research techniques.

Program Structure

The DBA journey spans at least three years, during which you will:

  • Complete four targeted courses.
  • Engage in writing DBA research papers under the guidance of expert faculty.
  • Conducted and defended a doctoral dissertation, which an external examiner reviewed.
  • Hold the prestigious DBA title upon successful defense and acceptance of your dissertation.

Curriculum Highlights

Introduction to Qualitative Research
Basics of doctoral research, framing research questions, significance of studies.
Draft doctoral-level papers using APA guidelines.

Qualitative Research
Learn qualitative methods like case studies and narrative inquiry.
Conduct extended literature reviews and data collection through interviews.

Quantitative Research
Introduction to quantitative methods, including descriptive and inferential statistics.
Develop hypotheses and perform statistical analysis.

Doctoral Writing Workshop
Overview of research methods and development of doctoral proposal.
Preparation and mock defense of research papers.

Cohort Learning

Our cohort model ensures that participants progress through the program together, fostering a strong peer support and collaboration network. After completing the four modules, participants become doctoral candidates and are assigned a dissertation supervisor to guide them through their final research project.


Lead Faculty: Joseph Santora



Joseph Santora, a distinguished leader in executive education with extensive experience developing successful leaders, guides the DBA program.

Dr. Santora’s expertise ensures that our program meets and exceeds the high standards expected by our participants.


Publication Opportunities

Upon graduation, DBA holders may choose to publish their research in respected practitioner magazines or academic journals, enhancing their professional standing and contributing to the field of business.

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