Ana Vukšić - COTRUGLI

“Having helicopter view of business also helps you to make a better decision.”

After working for 11 years in finance I was at a turning point of my career and wanted to go to the next level. Plan A was to go „vertical“ in my profession, meaning I specialize myself further and deeper in finance. Plan B was to go „horizontal “, i.e. extend my knowledge and understanding of business to all other areas. There are two reasons why I went with plan B and why I enrolled MBA. First, to understand business you will need to understand that its „sum of parts“. Until then I mainly understood Finance part. Second reason is that although I am a finance person, I am also a „people’s person “and I wanted to mix those two parts of myself.  

Fast forward 5 years after: today I am a CFO in a holding company with diversified portfolio of unique mid-sized tourism developments and venture capital investments. I am in charge of Finance, I still love excel tables, but I also do so much more. I work with people and help them to achieve theirs and company’s goals. I participate in sales, marketing, HR, construction, legal and many other aspects of business and I see how they all connect. Having helicopter view of business also helps you to make a better decision. This is something I got as MBA student: I multiplied my knowledge and skills. I invested in myself and grew both professionally and personally. It’s like an upgrade of yourself to a better version.  

Studying MBA, I did not learn anything that you cannot learn from books, home alone. But the value of MBA isn’t in the knowledge part only but lies in cohesive understanding how business works. It lies in personal discipline and commitment to the classes, homework, case studies - but also it taught me that same discipline and commitment I need as a leader. It lies in transformation I went through as a human being.