Boris Babić - COTRUGLI

“COTRUGLI opened up a new perspective, setting the path toward the entrepreneurship, self-awareness and openness to new ideas.”

Five years ago, 2014th to be exact, I decided to pursue the COTRUGLI MBA study. At that time, I worked as Solution Architect at Ericsson Nikola Tesla, but my ambitions were much bigger. Fortunately, the company have acknowledged my ambitions in pursuing the leadership path, so they made decision to sponsor my COTRUGLI MBA study.  With such support from the company, decision to start MBA study was easy to make 😊 

COTRUGLI MBA had influence on my professional and personal life in great deal. COTRUGLI made me think differently  broader. It opened up a new perspective, setting the path toward the entrepreneurship, self-awareness and openness to new ideas. At the same time, I enjoyed my study and had great time, working with people from different backgrounds, from high ranking government officials and business owners, all the way to experts from non-profit charitable organizations. Working together with them, on various case studies, have broader my views and at same time made us more connected and closer to each other. That made a good foundation for the friendship, that will last for the life time, with many of them. 

Today, I work as global manager at Ericsson and now, I’m the one who seeks for new talents and new potential leaders. In similar fashion, I want my leaders to learn, grow and experience the transformation that MBA study can bring to their life and their careers. I’m very proud that this year, the first generation of new leaders, that are working for me, are finishing the COTRUGLI MBA. Makes me happy, to watch them transform and grow, as persons and as the leaders, as they go throughout the study. As their study is closing to an end, our ambitions are growing bigger and we are ready to take more challenges, enter into new business segments, that those very same people will lead. 

I also must say that, COTRUGLI have sparked the idea in me, to start my own business, pursuing my hopes and dreams. Encouraged with new acquired skill and knowledge, me and my colleagues have founded startup company for video production, called “Vedeera”.  

Today we are working on development of new solutions, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, for one of the highest lucrative segments in financial sector. I must say, we are very excited, and we have big hopes and dreams.