Chris Dalton - COTRUGLI


Henley; Central European University Business School in Budapest, Hungary; Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, USA.


Leadership; Personal Development; Business Communication; Marketing Communications; Management Training.


Chris has over 20 years of experience in management education and training. He has taught numerous development and communication skills courses to MBA students, as well as other workshops and seminars related to management learning. He has experience teaching and working on projects in Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, South Africa, Switzerland, Dubai and Austria. Dalton has completed a PhD in Management Learning and Leadership at Lancaster University Management School. His research is focused on the use of Reflection in Personal Development in post-experience Management Education. He graduated with a Henley MBA in 2000 and also holds Henley certificates in Coaching and Virtual Tutoring.

Papers: SPINKS, N., SILBURN, N. L. & BIRCHALL, D. W. (2007) Making It All Work: The Engineering Graduate of the Future, a UK Perspective. European Journal of Engineering Education, 32 (325-335).

Books: Dalton, C. (2011) Self-coaching and learning. In: Kruckeberg, K., Amann, W. and Green, M. (eds.) Leadership and Personal Development: A toolbox for the 21st Century Manager. Information Age Publishing . ISBN 9781617355547


“Chris Dalton is unique and ordinary but, above all ,an excellent professor who has an open and intelligent approach to groups and individuals. He encourages you to push your boundaries of understanding management and to find the right definition deep within yourself.Josipa Svetina, Learning and development manager at Partus academy