David Labinjan - COTRUGLI

“The investment in COTRUGLI program was more than successful with an increase since then in revenues or salary but more than that with a life changing connections, strong friendships and an unforgettable experience”

 As a banker I asked myself where is the best way to invest after the worst financial crises hit the world in 2008? In „knowledge “of course since you can be sure that will not depreciate, will not change the price and in time the ROE will be double digit if not triple and nobody can steal it from you. 

After almost 7 years I can admit that the investment was more than successful with an increase since then in revenues or salary but more than that with a life changing connections, strong friendships and an unforgettable experience. 

At the time I attended the COTRUGLI MBA I was part of a multinational bank leader in the Croatian market. COTRUGLI showed me that the dream of tomorrow can be the reality of today with the right attitude and the right connections. After the 12 months course, full of energy and ready to implement what I learned I decided to step up out of my comfort zone and to do a radical cut in term to change the residence/city moving in the Croatian capital Zagreb and change the bank moving in one of the smallest bank in the country owned by an Italian corporation. The bet was high but worthy since as supposed in a smaller organization the characteristic of the individual can emerge faster than in a big competitor. I got the chance in my twenties to feeand taste what does it mean to be a manger in an environment where the age is rewarded maybe more than talent. It was not easy at the beginning but also thanks to the knowledge learned at COTRUGLI I get it up and soon increase the members of my team as also my position in the bank. 

For the last two years I have the privilege and honour to be the Head of Corporate in Banka Kovanica d.d. member of the group Cassa di Risparmio della Repubblica di San Marino. I am surrounded by a team of young and talented professionals who I try to motivate and keep positive on a daily basis. The bank is small in Croatia but high-speed and high-performance and most important very customer oriented. In the corporate segment, we decided to focus on short-term working capital loans. When a client takes a long-term loan, the key to the decision is the price, even the smallest difference in the interest rate, but in the short run, more important than the price is fast delivery. It is critical to success, and Banka Kovanica d.d. can secure short-term funds in less than 48 hours. 

Our motto is: we take small businesses seriously! 

At the end I will recommend COTRUGLI business school because not only changed my professional life but most important I met on COTRUGLI my wife and now we have two amazing kids together. So, what to say more?