CEMBA is a great opportunity for senior executives to recharge their batteries and enhance their leadership skills.

CEMBA Program is a specially designed MBA program tailored to the needs of senior executives.

Each participant is provided with a unique opportunity to tailor their own MBA program, decide when and where to take the MBA modules, mingle with the leading MBA network in SEE Europe.

How is CEMBA structured?

Prior to the program, participants will assess their current trajectory and business priorities, as well as their management styles. Subsequent classroom and group work will be devoted to assessing the breakthrough potential of these priorities and developing approaches to make the breakthrough happen. Two dimensions are emphasized: strategic improvement and leadership improvements. These come together in each participant’s personal agenda and action plan.

*The individual project is an important learning vehicle in the CEMBA program and can be offered as a significant and real ‘pay back’ to participants organization. This gives participants the opportunity to work individually on a project, to analyse and resolve complex business problems using the business skills, frameworks, and tools acquired in the program.


What makes CEMBA unique?

Personally designed MBA program
CEMBA is a unique ‘create-your-own-program’ as participants co-create their curriculum together with senior faculty which is relevant to them and that fit perfectly with their development goals.

Extreme flexibility in attendance
CEMBA is unique as participants choose when and where they wish to attend selected modules in a period between 1 and 3 years, thus having the MBA program adjust to their own personal timetable.

Premium networking potential
In every given year CEMBA participants can choose to attend selected MBA modules with up to 6 different E/MBA generations and over 300 executives from SE Europe. This is an amazing networking potential boosted further with over 2.000 MBA alumni and over 20.000 satisfied clients of the school.

Apply your learning directly to your workplace
At the CEMBA program, you will address current work challenges with your peers and lecturers, and apply new learning directly in your workplace via the individual project*.

Tuition fee and payment

Tuition includes mandatory teaching materials. Travel and lodging expenses, as well as additional literature are not covered by the tuition.

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