Grozdana Marić - COTRUGLI

I chose Executive MBA at COTRUGLI Business School because it was a high level Executive MBA in the first place. In addition to that I liked to meet students from other companies / countries and learn from lecturers coming from all over the world since I wanted to develop myself in an international business environment. I completed Executive MBA program as a best student in the class. At COTRUGLI Business school we had an opportunity to learn from the best international experts, lecturers who came from the best world universities, with a creative approach that minimized absence from my workplace, which was also important for me. I see an EMBA as a critical point for getting into the corporate world at a senior level. The tools and knowledge gained at COTRUGLI became a very frequent feature in my presentations and negotiations. The program also inspired me for lifelong-learning, continuous improvement and fostering creativity. Another important benefit is networking – I met many smart, team oriented and hard working, highly experienced, highly motivated and self-driven participants, with whom even today I exchange ideas, discuss work issues and with some of them I have a wonderful friendship. To conclude, I am very happy that I joined COTRUGLI Business School – this unique, innovative, real world experience made me grow as a manager and as a person.