Igor Pirc - COTRUGLI

I decided to take part at COTRUGLI Executive MBA program after participating on the scholarships selection process. Qualifications and pare-to-pare exchange of knowledge and experience gained during the EMBA program means an important anchor in my career as an entrepreneur. The other important aspect of participating in the program is being a part of a network of top leaders. After finishing the program I opened consulting and project development company Eudace, where we are trying to implement our vision of successful and sustainable business. The company operates in two segments being business consulting and development of projects. In both segments our main drivers are an added value for our customers and excellence of service. On the consulting segment of the business our market presents companies that need growth support and reorganization of their current operations. It is a mature market where a breakthrough can be done only by innovative and integral approaches. That is why we offer to our customers legal (mergers, acquisitions), organizational (internal organization, ISO standards) and business (business consulting, marketing and sales) support. By combining different expert areas and employing consultants with different backgrounds (lawyers, machine engineers, marketing experts, human resource experts, and financial analysts) we can thoroughly understand and support needs of our customers. On the other hand through diversification of the service we disperse business risk and maintain sustainability which is extremely important for a long term success. My believe in the virtues of sustainability, long term approach and adding value for our customers is inspired by the knowledge and experience obtained during the COTRUGLI EMBA program.