Ivan Vučetić - COTRUGLI

“My COTRUGLI MBA experience has gone beyond my expectations.”

For writing this article I checked my application form for enrolling at COTRUGLI. I have sent it on the 10.05.2011.

In the personal statement I wrote that time that “In 3 to 5 years I find myself running my own business in a consulting company with 2 or 3 highly motivated professional co-workers.” I started my own consulting company at 2017 with 3 co-workers!

One of my COTRUGLI classmates helped me in doing so!

On the 3rd question “Describe how you can use your MBA education in your current position and how your experiences will contribute to the MBA group” I stated that “I expect that MBA education will enlarge my contact network, which might lead to various opportunities for me as well as the company I work for. I want to back up my “on the field” business knowledge with other case-studies and exchange experiences with other participants. I feel like I can add a lot to the MBA group as I am a great promoter, motivator, I connect people and inspire them to never stop learning… “with my COTRUGLI MBA fellows we started during the study a small start-up company called MBA friends with 22 co-founders (mostly MBA’s) from 5 different countries!

On the 6th question “What are the 3 terms that would best describe your expectations from E/MBA?“ I stated “Network, Knowledge and New experience.”

My COTRUGLI MBA experience has gone beyond my expectations. I got a chance to meet the real world-class lecturers and to learn from fellow classmates; managers and entrepreneurs from all over the region. I’ve grown and learned from my classmates as much as I have from the projects I’ve undertaken. Outside of the classes, projects and big life decisions, I also have gained friends and colleagues for life. My network has since than significantly grown. After graduated MBA from COTRUGLI Business School in 2013 I have contributed to the growth and success of various organizations over the past 6 years. During the last 2 years with my consulting company I have successfully orchestrated changes at a high-tech company and at a state-owned Telecommunication company. Previously I worked as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Steklarna Hrastnik, where I was one of the key drivers of the well-known turnaround case in Slovenia.