Josip Šaban - COTRUGLI

“Amazing new colleagues who became good friends, international team of lecturers and motivation for life-long learning in the field of management – COTRUGLI MBA opened my eyes to different world perspectives; it was like reading a book which was hidden from me, forcing me to rethink my position in the world of business, for the better.”

Choosing a good and competitive MBA program has always been a difficult task. It has to consider student’s education, experience, aspirations and long-term goals. It has to make sure that all of that, married with a good MBA program would take a student’s career to a new trajectory.

Choosing COTRUGLI MBA filled up all of those requirements after I attended their curriculum presentations, offered to all prospective students. Their intensive program, during which we worked as a team on different projects have thought me a lot about the personal insight of each team member, making me a better team lead and a manager.

Having said that, the real-life application of the learned lessons has proven to be invaluable in my banking and entrepreneurial careers combined with building successful teams abroad. It also marked a start of my transformation from a senior IT professional to a career of IT manager, a challenging but rewarding path, which COTRUGLI MBA made much easier.

This all marks a major milestone in my career, and many steps and achievements will follow, as it was once said by Winston Churchill that ‘No success is final, and no failure is fatal’.