Manuel Alonso Coto - COTRUGLI


IE Business School; UNED University; EOI Business School; EAE Business School; Oviedo University; Isabel I University; Sergio Arboleda University; UPC University; Johns Hopkins University; ITAB University; UDLA University; Lasalle University; Porto Business School.


Digital transformation; digital marketing; digital advertising & communication

Degrees:  Top Management Program (AMP) at Chicago Graduate School of Busines &IE Business School; Executive MBA at IE Business School; Master in Foreign Trade at EOI Business School; Postgrade in Business Administration (with a focus on Finance) at UNED University; Postgrade in Psychology (with a focus on Advertising) at UNED University; Bachelor in Industry Engineering (with a focus on Operations) by the University of Oviedo (ETSII Gijón); Graduate in e-Commerce at AECE; Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.


Current: Director of Innovation – Digital Transformation & Marketing / Executive Education at IE Business School; Partner at Ideas in a Jar, Digital Business Consultancy Boutique; Academic Counselor at Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Spain; Board’s External Advisor at Greater Than One, Europe (fifth digital advertising agency in US); Board’s External Advisor at Diana Media Group (fifth digital advertising agency in US).

Past: Director of Marketing / Executive Education at IE Business School; Director of Digital Marketing / Executive Education at IE Business School; Director of Customer Oriented Services at IE Business School; Director of Operations at; Director of IT/IS at US Department of Spain, Spain & Portugal; Director of Manufacturing at Agrapisa

Books: “Conversational Capital” (Spanish version); “s-Internacionalization”; “Digital Recruitment & Self Branding”; “Political Marketing”; “Direct Marketing 2.0”; “Blended Marketing. The Digital Marketing Plan as an integrator of on and offline actions”; “From Second Life to Metaverses Marketing: Business in 3D”; “I have 30,000 fans; so now what?”;  “Social Media Maketing Plan”;  “Marketing for Lawyers”; “Exponential Companies: Making the Most of Digital Transformation”.