Mario Bobetić - COTRUGLI

“MBA program provided incredible experience, the one you take with you for a life.”

Just as for many of my colleague engineers, my career started at current company 12 years ago. Shortly after I started as a system engineer, I got the opportunity to participate in transferring and organizing one regional competence hub to our Zagreb office. I suddenly found myself in the position to fully understand the “why” on a business move of my company. I wanted to continue with managing business and only few months after starting as an engineer I got my role in project management. Such a thrill for me.

“I know you run fast, but until now you have been running alone. Only way to know how fast you really run, is if you to run with others.” This was said to me by my manager as I started to work in the Project Management Office. I like my job and I wanted to run as fast as I can, which also motivated me to further educate myself in business. COTRUGLI caught my attention right away and challenge was accepted. I’ve won the full scholarship in the thrilling competition. Everything was just going great, and my motivation was higher than ever.

MBA program provided incredible experience, the one you take with you for a life. COTRUGLI hosts and staff gave us a lot of fun and as much hard work around the program. Lecturers presented the modules in such a way that I was looking forward for each one that was coming next. The knowledge and the fact I’ve shared it with some of the most amazing people I’ve met just sums it up for me.

In my career today as Senior Project Manager I still apply what I’ve mastered in the MBA program. I personally consider program and project management the most important link in the supply chain as today we go above the classic methodology and reach out to surrounding domains of business such as sales, consulting, finance and HR. I’m also investing in the business plan which was presented at COTRUGLI as my team final exam. This makes it a full circle closed on the expectations I had when I first thought of going to MBA, but I’m sure it will still continue to provide me future success.

And I still keep my notes…