Maša Pocrnić - COTRUGLI

“MBA enabled me to grow on the personal level. So, when an opportunity to change my role came across, I grabbed it because I was confident enough that I can own it.”

After spending over 18 years in Legal profession, I have recently chosen a new career path by taking on the position of Strategic Deals Development Director for CEE in Oracle Croatia. While most of my colleagues by profession still do not understand why would I trade a position of Legal Director for a Business role, all my COTRUGLI friends do, and let me explain why. 

Being a typical Gemini, and Philomathhave always craved for gaining more knowledge and experiencing new opportunities, because this feeds both my brain and my soul. So, my brother, who is also COTRUGLI alumnus, did everything to persuade me to join COTRUGLI MBA program and after couple of years I’ve finally caved in and started my Executive MBA journey as a scholarship winner 

Although a bit intimidated at first to be amongst the best of the best, I soon realized that one’s profession and background are not important. What matters is whether you are able to see the broader picture, whether you’re resolution oriented and whether you are able to adapt to diverse individuals and be a team player. 

The reason I have started the Executive MBA as a Corporate Lawyer, was to gain more insight into business reasoning and decision making, as well as to get an overview of how a Company functions as whole. But what I‘ve obtained in the end was so much more. Not only I have become acquainted with the Company’s daily challenges, but I have also gained knowledge about different markets & industries, marketing & sales processesstrategy & finance. 

MBA also enabled me to grow on the personal level. Throughout that journey I have discovered that I have natural leadership skills and that my ability to easily adapt to different personalities gives me the necessary edgeSo, when an opportunity to change my role came across, I grabbed it because I was confident enough that I can own it. 

Albert Einstein said: Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think.“ and this is exactly what COTRUGLI professors and your fellow students provide to you throughout the MBA program, by constantly challenging you and placing you outside your comfort zone. 

In todaymodern digital environment where change is the only constant, it is not relevant whether you are a lawyer or an engineer, but how quickly you can adapt to the new circumstances and how fast you can learn and develop new skillsIn order to prepare yourself for this era of change, Executive MBA program provides you with great set of tools.  

For me there are two things in life that never go out of fashion, little black dress and education!