Nikola Katana - COTRUGLI

“Intense training, learning, lectures and exams, as well as rich social life with my colleges, brought a great deal of, not just knowledge, but also confidence in my life.”

As a pharmacist working in a pharmaceutical company, in the sales and marketing department, I was constantly aware of the lack of knowledge and experience in economic, financial, analytical and decision-making areas. At the time I wanted more than just a sales representative job, and since I was conscious of the lack of the above-mentioned skills, I decided to enrol in COTRUGLI Business School program.

Many colleges and friends were sceptical about the decision. They doubted the usability and profitability of such a venture, and I am happy to say today that I think that they were wrong.

That one year of intense training, learning, lectures and exams, but also rich social life with my colleges, brought a great deal of, not just knowledge, but also confidence, in my life. All of this required balancing my work, this education and my private life, which was not always easy, but looking back it was definitely worth it. All the modules were different, some required very serious teamwork, and in others we were „solo players “, but all were useful and educational. And we must not forget, that all this is just the beginning, maybe the most important thing of all is networking, meeting new people from all kinds of business areas, that we would probably never meet otherwise, and some of these contacts will last for a lifetime.

All of this knowledge and new experience encouraged me to even try to build my own company and my own business. Unfortunately, that effort failed, but I was not discouraged by this first failure, since it brought new experience and I am sure that sooner or later I will try again, since, although terribly strenuous and tiring, that is what I truly want.

Apart from that, my business career took off from then, now I am product manager for cardiology in Belupo, a quite responsible role, and I am enjoying every day of it, trying still to improve myself and by doing so also to improve my company.

In the end I would like to say that the investment in additional education is usually a good idea, and investment in education in COTRUGLI was definitely a great idea. I truly believe that the education should never end, and that this is more and more true as the time is passing on, since the competition today in the business world is tougher and faster than ever before. Keeping pace and trying to do even better is conditio sine qua non today, and schools like COTRUGLI make that possible.