Sanja Marić Arambašić - COTRUGLI

“New theory and examples through case studies I’ve heard in every class opened my mind and still have an influence today in my decision making.”

Enrolling at an MBA has been a wish of mine for a long time and COTRUGLI was an obvious choice as I have heard many good things about it. Naturally however I was wandering if it would meet my high expectations and be worth of time and money invested. At some points it was tough and strained both my personal and business life but looking back I can say it was one of the best choices I have made.

My entire career I had been in the telecommunication industry in different positions in Sales. All the way from sales assistant to managing, leading internal and external sales channels and building sustainable partnership ecosystem. Due to my increased responsibilities over the years I wanted to further my knowledge and managerial skills to maximize my pre-determined career goals.

Telecommunication industry is very dynamic. In the last decade we have witnessed many new opportunities and challenges with expanded connectivity, smart technologies but in a way, I also consider it a closed system to work in. While I was pursing going to MBA it was important for me to be part of a classroom of high-level professionals and unconventional thinkers of different backgrounds to explore myself in that diverse environment.

COTRUGLI Business School was a best choice because I wanted a program with world-class professors where I had the privilege to enhance leadership, interpersonal and critical thinking skills. The most beneficial for me was knowledge gained in areas of Finances, Strategy Management and Personal Development. Since I’m working and living in two cities one of the big advantages for me was a program structure with weekend modules which enabled me to navigate my personal and professional life even better.

After finishing Executive MBA my career has taken a leap. I’ve become Sales Director for the Croatian market. Thanks to the program, professors and my classmates who I shared experiences with and gained knowledge from I am now in position to teach others, communicate for success and build high performance teams.

Personally, however the biggest reward for me were people and the journey itself. Every professional development is intrinsically linked with personal growth which I gained from this once in a life time experience.