Petar Ninić - COTRUGLI

Especially was motivating to work in an environment where diversity and openness were encouraged.

My professional career path started at Atlantic Grupa, a company whose business activities incorporate the production, development, sales and distribution of fast moving consumer goods, where I had great privilege of working in both sales and marketing departments. Started in distribution unit with responsibilities to reach distribution goals, set merchandising principles and lead commercial pricing, promotion and investment strategy per customer in Croatian retail market. Afterwards I move to production company as a Regional Brand Manager for Cedevita brand in horeca channel of sales. I gained experience of new product development, commercial innovation and creating campaigns that resonate with target consumers and create demand. This experience was a perfect way of getting a clear picture of a whole process: From product development to the final sale to market. Afterwards I seek opportunity to work in multinational company. I worked in GSK as a Category and Shopper Marketing Manager in consumer healthcare department and currently I am working in Samsung as a Retail Marketing Manager for consumer electronics. Working in a big organization brought me a new perspective, approach towards business and compliance, strict structure, business ethics and principles.

Through my MBA journey the most valuable asset I gained was personal development. Self-confidence to accept almost every business challenge. To dare to think differently and sometimes take the risk. Different understanding of the failure, as an integral part of process called personal learning. In order to achieve our potential we have to leave our comfort zone and consciously enter and go through situations that otherwise we would prefer to avoid. Finally, it expanded my knowledge through a lot of teamwork assignments with colleagues of different background. I learn to think things through and examining them from all sides, not jumping to conclusions. Especially was motivating to work in an environment where diversity and openness were encouraged.