Sanja Rossi - COTRUGLI

“Being surrounded by ambitious professionals means not only will you be more driven to do your best, but you could be meeting your next business partner.”

An MBA was a best investment in myself!

Even the most challenging journey begins with a single step. While the phrase may have become a cliché, it actually describes my career trajectory after I finished MBA exceptionally well.

Before joining COTRUGLI I was working in Croatian Telekom as Corporate Sponsorships and Events group leader where I was responsible for developing and delivering the top creative concepts for corporate events. But my biggest step was crossing the boundary from a national team to an international one at Deutsche Telekom HQ in Germany, which I did after I finished MBA.

As I always felt at home working with cross-cultural teams. After finishing MBA, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and to change it for something I had very little ideas about. So, I took the plunge and applied to become part of the Strategy and Performance Mgt. Europe department in DT Germany.

Together with my diverse team we worked on executing the long-term strategy to transform and unify the DT organisation throughout Europe.

Living and working abroad has really broadened my horizons. For me it was a great chance to discover my strengths. It also made me more confident, motivated and able to adapt to change and new challenges.

My story shows what kind of opportunities for growth and development become available when an individual decides to embrace change and take that first step into the unknown.

Beginning of 2019. I took another very brave step when I decided to follow my dreams. I left my job and moved to Barcelona, I founded my own company and started working in completely new industry – motorsports industry – as a brand activation consultant building the innovative immersive experiences for moto GP events all over the world.

I just returned from two months project in Southeast Asia where I was working on MotoGP Thailand and Moto GP Malaysia 2019. Working in other countries is such a rich and challenging experience that teaches you flexibility, resilience and the ability to adapt to new situations and be creative in solving problem it is unique and ultimately a rewarding life experience.

Curiosity about technology coupled with a desire to learn help me discover some new talents, I just released a VR game for Asian market and again learned that anything is possible.

Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use. Be brave!

The most important thing I gained with an MBA is a big-picture perspective. It gave me a broad perspective of the business world, how the economy works, and I gained important analytical skills you need to understand how every element of the business contributes to its overall performance. When it’s time to step up to a leadership role, you need to have that wide view on how your business functions and what is happening in your industry. Through the COTRUGLI program, I was not only navigating economics and marketing but also team-building skills including problem solving, teamwork. An MBA program is like a meeting of the minds. Being surrounded by ambitious professionals means not only will you be more driven to do your best, but you could be

meeting your next business partner. And something incredibly valuable is that you learn a lot from each and every person. MBA was a learning and a maturing experience. And Yes, the MBA is going to be stressful, but it’s going to be incredibly worth it!!