Tea Crkvenac - COTRUGLI

“It was a difficult decision to change my job, but I accepted it with full self-confidence that I am sure, I wouldn’t have without COTRUGLI.”

After technical education and several years spent mostly working on technical positions, I had the opportunity to lead a department in an IT company. I accepted that challenge but soon I came to a conclusion that I missed the wider picture of business with my current education and experience level. So, I was very excited to be able to enroll to COTRUGLI.

Two years spent at COTRUGLI was an exciting journey. It was sometimes very hard to manage everyday business requirements with my family and school obligations and from time to time I caught myself asking is it worth it? Now looking back, COTRUGLI was an amazing mix of meeting great new people, making friends, learning and fun.

Three years ago, I was presented with an opportunity to change my job. It was a difficult decision to make but I accepted it with full self-confidence that I am sure, I wouldn’t have without COTRUGLI. I continued to base my work on feeling, cherishing relationships and good working environment. Every single thing I learned during my time at COTRUGLI, helped me to lead the team, motivate them and at the end, completely transform the company. The transformation included both changing people’s mindset and changing the business focus to make company more agile and profitable in years to come. The transformation resulted with a company that cherishes a relaxed working atmosphere, where people respect and support each other and where the teams are working closely together on the path of fulfilling the new business objective. Two years after we decided that the company should focus on IT security, we received a status of the best partner in Croatia from our biggest vendor. I am very happy and proud for us. It was a result of lots of hard work, focus on quality and people relationship. It is a big motivation for team and me, to achieve even better results in the future. Except from formal education I got during my time at COTRUGLI, some lectures and lots of great people from my generation as well as some friends that believed in me, helped me to change myself and reorganize the company. Nobody can succeed alone therefore I am very happy to be surrounded by some amazing people.

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa