Tvrtko Dolić - COTRUGLI

Head of Access and Commercial “It was like back in school, so many interesting topics I knew so little of.”

I always believed in continuous education and always believed that the University should not determine what you will do for the rest of your life. Close to finishing Medical University in Zagreb I discovered that my education could also be useful in other areas, not just in hospitals… I discovered Pharmaceutical Industry.

On my first interview in Roche I simply said I finished the university and I want to work and learn and have an open mind. I got the job. Soon after I was introduced to Sales training, later in Marketing and later in Leadership. I was intrigued by those topics and wanted to learn more. As my professional network grew, I discovered MBA and naturally, COTRUGLI.

Immediately I applied for the scholarship, however I was not even invited to assessment day, but I did not give up, as I believed in myself and reapplied again the year after. Not just that I was accepted in assessment, but I won the scholarship which for me was an amazing achievement.

The MBA program started. For the first day it felt right. It was like back in school, so many interesting topics I knew so little of. As the journey through COTRUGLI was lasting I felt like a kid in a toy store. Everything was interesting and I wanted to know more. More important other than pure lessons, I met amazing people and learned more by connecting with them. We ended up as a great generation. I feel all my colleagues advanced with the knowledge we gained, myself included. Close to finishing I transferred to an international role and my career only grew since then.

My only regret is that due to the work I was involved I could not utilize the continuous program for Alumni’s, something I need to work more on to find the time and develop further.