Vesna Filipović - COTRUGLI

“Looking back, that year of MBA program helped me reach my professional dreams and made me happy to date.”

2010 was the crisis year for professionals in public relations and marketing with most of us working extraordinarily profitless in these industries. In doing so, I saw no opportunity for professional and personal development. With the help of half COTRUGLI scholarship, I decided to quit my job, at then well-established Public Relations agency, and take a year off from work to focus on getting my MBA. Personally, this was extremely difficult decision to make, because I moved from being an PR adviser to unemployed MBA Student. Looking back today, I know this was one of my best life decisions.   

During that one year as MBA student, I learned a lot of useful and applicable knowledge through real life examples and contemporary classes held by top professors. Since I received my master’s degree from the Faculty of Political Science, most of the economic concepts were new to me, but through teamwork and quality lectures, I managed to master them in a fun and interesting way.  What impressed me most, were the students at the school. Everyone attending MBA program was smart and wonderful professional, friendly and willing to collaborate even if they were from different countries or professional backgrounds. That is why I can say that apart from great professors and quality school, I really learned a lot from students themselves. MBA program was a unique opportunity to ask questions to those who knew the right answers.   

After graduating from the MBA program, I made decision to tackle what matters to me in life.  I took a leap of faith and opened my own Public Relations agency, started a family and found a perfect and happy work life balance. For last seven years, my company ELEMENTA communications, which focuses on communication consulting and education, has secured my job career in the profession and quality time for the family. Looking back, that year of MBA program helped me reach my professional dreams and made me happy to date.