Vinko Berković - COTRUGLI

At the beginning of my carrier I found out that knowledge gained at Law University is not enough to conduct my everyday tasks. I had to understand the business processes so I can really. I had to learn. So, I try to soak up the knowledge and experience of any colleague willing to share. 

As a corporate lawyer, I built experience through various job roles in several leading Croatian companies. I always tried to broadener my knowledge, so I can be better in what I do. During my carrier I have been appointed mediator at several institutions and an Honorary Judge and arbitrator at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. He is certified internal auditor for multiple ISO standards. I become also a member of the Lawyers’ Club of the Croatian Employers’ Association and a member of the Presidency of the Association of Corporate Lawyers.  

Then I received an opportunity to be a part of Cotrugli MBA. MBA show me that old saying: „I know that I know nothing.“ is true. The learning journey started and what a journey it had been. Two years of intense learning, growing self-development and building connections that will last for a life time.  

I finally get that holistic, comprehensive, end to end picture of business I have been searching for. Not only that, but I started to connect the dots and see interconnection between departments in the company and the logic behind. Most important staff still hadn’t come from great, exquisite, international teachers and tutors, but from my fellow colleges. Interactive, up-to-day and interesting lectures were mixed with socialising and networking with now-friends from whole south-east Europe.  

Now, when I’m reminisced, with a smile on my face, I strongly believe that MBA (the knowledge I gathered and way of thinking I adopted) direct me to the position where I am today. Now, as Compliance Officer I’m helping to create transparent and high ethical corporate culture in HT Group (part of Deutsche Telekom Group), a company that is creating the foundations for the digitalization of Croatia, leading to better opportunities for all of us. 

Learning is growing!