Željko Špoljarić - COTRUGLI

“Executive MBA improved my ability to see things from “other people” position and better understanding of their actions and motivations. It made me better manager in general.”

They say that the best thing you can do for yourself is to become an Entrepreneur and start your own business. Well, that might be true, but when you are working for the officially “the best employer in the world” – Cisco Systems, like I do, it does interfere with one’s motivation to start your own business. However, the best employer also wants to have the best employees, so if you want to stay there and move up in your career, it is crucial to keep working on your set of skills, knowledge and improving yourself continuously. The best way to do that, is to enrol into the Executive MBA program.  

I started my COTRUGLI EMBA at the age of 52 and lot of people asked me: Why now, at your age? Learning is the lifetime process, and we never stop learning. Coming to certain age people fall into the false feeling they know everything. That is usually because they have limited themselves into their “comfort zone” and in there, they usually do know almost everything, but there is so much more to know and learn outside of their “comfort zone”. This knowledge gives you a feeling like stepping out to the balcony from crowded room with stale air, seeing the whole world outside and taking a big breath of the fresh air. It makes you want to see more, do more and learn more. It gives you a boost of energy because it works two ways: it gives you knowledge and skills but there is another, not less important, benefit. Like a smile, learning works both ways. When you are in a good mood, you smile, but when you are feeling down, if you force yourself to smile in few minutes you will feel much better. Learning is usually connected to young people because we all learn while we are young, and less so when we get older. But if you continue to learn in your mature years, you will feel rejuvenated, re-energised and full of confidence to take any challenges put ahead of you.  

My Executive MBA helped me significantly to see events, numbers, people I work with and opportunities from various perspectives which gives me better grounds for making decisions, to see the “bigger picture”. It improved my ability to see things from “other people” position and better understanding of their actions and motivations. It made me better manager in general. 

Take my advice: At any age, enrol and learn, you’ll never regret a single second of doing it, plus you’ll meet there some of the best people in your life.