Welcome to COTRUGLI AI Hackathon 2023, where business innovation meets artificial intelligence.

Are you ready to tackle real business challenges turn your AI ideas into reality and get funded? Join us for an exciting journey of creativity, collaboration, and competition.

COTRUGLI AI Hackathon is a unique opportunity for AI enthusiasts, data scientists, and innovators to come together and develop cutting-edge AI solutions

Why Participate:

Put your AI skills to the test by solving real challenges faced by our partners.


Acces mentorship and guidance from experts in the field.


Network with like-minded professionals and potential future collaborators.


Explore the potential for commercial partnerships to turn your ideas into reality.


Ready to Get Started?

Join COTRUGLI AI Hackathon 2023
and turn you ideas and skills into money.

Event Timeline

Day 1 - Introduction:

Get acquainted with the hackathon's goals and meet fellow participants. 


Online Work (1-2 Months):

Develop AI solutions and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for assigned business challenges with the support of mentors and the COTRUGLI community.



Final Day - Presentations:

Showcase your AI solutions and MVPs. Impress the judges and answer their questions.



Judging Criteria:

Your solutions will be evaluated based on:

Innovation and Creativity

Technical Preparedness

Presentation Quality


Prizes and Recognition:

Cash prizes for the top teams.

Recognition from our media partners and on social media.

Potential commercial collaborations with our partners for solution implementation.


Aco Momčilović






For Partners and Sponsors

Why Get Involved

Unlock Innovation: By partnering with the COTRUGLI AI Hackathon, you have the opportunity to tap into a pool of creative thinkers and innovators. Participating teams will work to provide fresh perspectives on your industry's challenges and come up with innovative AI solutions.

Access Top Talent: Engaging with the hackathon allows you to identify and connect with top AI talent. You can scout potential employees, interns, or collaborators who may drive your organization's AI initiatives forward.

Visibility and Brand Exposure: As a partner or sponsor, your brand will be prominently featured throughout the hackathon. You'll gain exposure through various channels, including social media, event materials, and media partners like 24 sata, INDEX, and EPH.

Networking Opportunities: Join our network of industry experts, AI enthusiasts, and thought leaders. Participate in panel discussions, workshops, and exclusive networking events to foster valuable connections.

Drive Social Impact: Showcase your commitment to fostering innovation and solving real-world challenges. By supporting this hackathon, you contribute to the advancement of AI technology and its positive impact on society.

Potential for Collaboration: Identify promising AI solutions developed during the hackathon and explore opportunities for collaboration. Implement these innovative ideas within your organization and drive growth.

Become a partner or sponsor of the COTRUGLI AI Hackathon
and be part of a community dedicated to AI-driven innovation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply for the COTRUGLI AI Hackathon?
The COTRUGLI AI Hackathon offers a unique opportunity to put your AI skills to the test by solving real business challenges. Here are some compelling reasons to apply:

Innovation: Showcase your creativity and problem-solving abilities by tackling real-world problems with AI solutions.

Learning: Gain insights and mentorship from AI experts, industry leaders, and fellow participants.

Recognition: Compete to get funded and industry recognition.

Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators.

Implementation: Explore potential commercial collaborations with our partners to turn your ideas into reality.
What should an ideal team look like for the hackathon?
The ideal team for the COTRUGLI AI Hackathon should ideally consist of 3-5 members with diverse skills and expertise. Here are some qualities to consider:

AI Expertise: At least one team member with strong AI or machine learning skills.

Data Analysis: Skills in data analysis, data engineering, and data visualization.

Programming: Knowledge of programming languages like Python and relevant AI libraries.

Domain Knowledge: Understanding of the industry or domain related to the challenge.

Creativity: Innovative thinkers who can devise novel AI solutions.

Collaboration: Team players who can work effectively together and leverage each other's strengths.
Why should the company become a partner of the COTRUGLI AI Hackathon?
Partnering with the COTRUGLI AI Hackathon offers numerous benefits for your organization:

Innovation Catalyst: Tap into fresh perspectives and innovative AI solutions for your industry's challenges.

Talent Pipeline: Identify potential employees, interns, or collaborators among the participants.

Brand Exposure: Gain visibility through branding opportunities in event materials, social media, and media partner channels.

Networking: Join a network of industry experts and AI enthusiasts, fostering valuable connections.

Social Impact: Contribute to AI technology advancement and its positive impact on society.

Collaboration: Explore opportunities to implement promising AI solutions developed during the hackathon.
How can I apply as an individual participant?
To apply as an individual participant, simply visit our registration page and complete the online application form.
What happens if I don't have a team?
If you don't have a team, don't worry! We can help match you with other individual participants to form a team. Our goal is to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate.
Can I apply as a company or organization?
Yes, companies and organizations can apply to become participants, partners, or sponsors of the hackathon.

Please get in touch with us through our partner/sponsorship application form for more details.
How will my solution be judged?
Your solution will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Innovation and Creativity: How unique and innovative is your AI solution? Technical Preparedness: How well does your solution demonstrate technical skills and capabilities? Quality of Presentation: How effectively do you communicate your solution? Feasibility: Is your solution practical and capable of being implemented?