"Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning."

~ Winston Churchill 



Session Summary

The scenario method is a useful, creative, and increasingly popular way for managers to reframe their perspective and improve their organisational resilience. The course shows how to recognise the driving forces that will affect the future business context and consider the present-day implications. By building detailed and imaginative narratives, participants will learn how to confront uncertainty and become more confident in conditions of change. The lecture content contains the cutting-edge practice of the scenario method and the blended approach permits flexibility, agility, and collaborative project work. Why is the scenario method so important? Because in economics the emphasis on choice is because we live in a world of scarcity. The conditions of uncertainty mean we require imagination. Scarcity and uncertainty are the context. Choice and imagination are the consequence.



At the end of this course participants will:

  • Build and use scenarios.
  • Think creatively about alternate futures.
  • Link scenario planning to strategic issues.

Key topics

  • Understand and assess alternative ways to approach scenario planning
  • History and development of scenarios as a methodology
  • Development of engaging scenarios
  • Analysis of important long-term trends
  • Recognition of decision making under conditions of uncertainty
  • Ability to present work in an engaging manner
  • Openness to ambiguity
  • Development of ideas in a team setting

About the lecturer:

Anthony J. Evans, PhD

is professor of economics and Problem Solving and Analytics at COTRUGLI. His work has been covered by most broadsheet newspapers, and he has appeared on Newsnight and the BBC World Service .
He specialises in teaching Managerial Economics at the MBA and Executive MBA level. Using a combination of lectures, case discussion and practical simulations he has introduced over 2,000 current and future managers to the economic way of thinking. He has taught for ESCP Europe, Danube University, and Helsinki School of Economics, as well as designing and managing custom programmes. He received his PhD in Economics from George Mason University, USA.

Prepartion for the workshop:

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Pre course quiz:

Deadline for pre course quiz:  March 18, 2024

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