Last year has fundamentally changed businesses and industries, proving once again that only those able to adapt quickly, think innovatively and act proactively can endure and secure business continuity. In this exciting panel, you will have a unique opportunity to learn about the new industry outlook and stay up to speed with whatever changes come your way.

Key topics discussed

  • 1

    The impact of digitalization on operational efficiency
    Data-Driven decision making
  • 2

    Embracing automation: Opportunities & Challenges
    Leveraging AI and machine learning for process optimisation
  • 3

    Overcoming resistance to change:
    Examples of strategies for digital transformation
    Building agile and adaptive ogranizations process optimisation
  • 4

    How to select the right tools and technology platforms
  • 5

    The shift towards remote work and collaboration tools


Nevena Martinović

Head of Marketing and Research / COTRUGLI Alumni
iO Partners

Srđan Jovanović

VP of People / Cotrugli ALUMNI
HTEC Group

Zlatko Dubljanin

Executive Director and Co-Owner / Cotrugli ALUMNI
EIM doo

Nebojša Vuković

Head of Solution Delivery BSS Western Balkans / Cotrugli ALUMNI

Jovana Pijanec

Head of Business Analysis
OTP banka Srbija


May 10, 2024




Mama Shelter Belgrade

    This panel is a perfect way to find out why COTRUGLI is a right choice for exchanging business knowledge and experiences, as well as developing international networking