HR Hackathon  - COTRUGLI
MOL Leadership program
MOL Leadership program

Last week we delivered COTRUGLI PowerHack “Accelerating HR & LD & RD Innovation with Generative AI” with our newly appointed Faculty, Professor Sarah Scwab.

The main challenge that was set throughout the Hackathon was:” How can we employ Generative Artificial Intelligence to better meet the goals and objectives of our People Strategy?”

HR senior professionals and Learning and Development leaders from the region shared their expertise in their fields and explored Gen AI opportunities that may support processes within their companies.

Here are a few highlights:

**Efficient Recruitment**: We investigated how AI can streamline the screening process and improve job descriptions, making hiring faster and more inclusive.

**Health First**: We realized that Gen AI could encourage our employees to put health first by proactively using pre-emptive health benefits included in their benefits packages to avoid longer-term health conditions.

**Personalized Learning**: we found ways to quickly tailor learning content to individual needs, enhancing the effectiveness of training programs.

**Personalized career planning**: we know that we’ll see significant new insights from unlocking existing assessments, 360 feedback combined with future company needs to generate personalized career paths.

Hereby we would like to sincerely thank Sarah Scwab for bringing new ideas to the table and for sharing her insights and expertise. Also, thank you to all the participants for their contribution and exchange of ideas and experience.